Maulana Zafar Ali Khan and his Services for Islam and Pakistan


Our new generation needs to know our staunch historic leaders who played their aggressive and positive role in building Pakistan along with Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Maulana Zafar Ali Khan is one of them. He was a poet, writer, a remarkable journalist and also a translator. He played his strong part in the Pakistan Movement and did heroic struggle against the British Raj.

Maulana Zafar Ali Khan was born at Wazirabad of Gujranwala district and got his initial education there, though he secured his matriculation from Patiala and emerged later as a proud student of Aligarh College and got his intermediate from there. After doing a short time job at postal department of Jammu and Kashmir which left after a row with his senior, he was readmitted in Aligarh College and did his graduation from there.

He did many jobs in Bombay and Hyderabad but later on he launched his own daily paper with the name of Zamindar from Lahore. Zamindar was founded by his father whose name was Maulvi Sirajuddin Ahmad.

Being a Muslim he fought against the Ahmadiyya Movement and started a campaign by using his daily Zamindar. His paper was banned but he got it released by court orders. He fought against Mirza Ghulam Ahmed the founder of Qadiani faction and proved him false by his rational arguments in his columns.

He was a natural poet since his childhood. His poems reflected religious and patriotic sentiments. His writings include Baharistan, Chamanistan and Nigaristan. His other literary works includeMarka e Mazhab o Science, Sayr e Zulmet, Ghalba e Rum, and an Opera Jang e Roos o Japan.

He was a loyal supporter and companion of Quaid e Azam and AllamaIqbal and worked hard for the cause of a separate homeland for Muslims of India in the form of Pakistan.

The Sahiwal Sports Stadium has been renamed as Zafar Ali Stadium while recognizing his services. He is called as Father of Urdu Journalism.

He died on 27th November, 1956. His services would be remembered until the Pakistan stands.





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