Malala Yousufzai – The Young Education Activist of Swat, Pakistan

Malala Yousufzai has been in the headlines for quite a while, not only because of that tragic incident in which she was shot by the alleged Taliban people for raising the voice for the girls education and speaking about the excesses and extremism of the militant elements present in Swat Valley but for this very reason that she escaped from death with the mercy of Allah Almighty miraculously. She was airlifted to a UK hospital for emergency treatment so that she may get specialized medical treatment and care which was vital to save her life.
Malala was released from that hospital on Thursday and she is supposed to live with her parents and two brothers in UK and her treatment will continue but according to doctors' opinion she may recover quickly in the familiar environ of his home among his family.

Born in Mingora Swat on July 12, 1997, Malala groomed to be an education activist while studying in a girls school. It’s a tragedy that in that very district once Taliban had their hold and had banned the girls from going to school. She also wrote a blog under a pseudonym for BBC and explained that how life was very tough under Taliban rule and how they were fighting to win the control of the Swat Valley and she expressed her wish for the girls’ right for education. After Army took control of the valley, Malala started appearing in print and electronic media and took the position of Chairperson of District Child Assembly Swat. She was also nominated for International Children’s Peace Prize by Desmon Tutu. She also won Pakistan’s first National Youth Peace Prize. There is a petition pending to nominate Malala for Noble Peace Prize and it is being supported by many well known personalities including Canadian Minister of Citizenship.
On October 9, 2012 Malala was shot by the alleged Taliban gun fighters when she was returning home from school on a school bus. She was airlifted to UK for rehabilitation and better medical care and now she has been released from hospital after two and a half months. There will be one more operation of his skull within a short period for her complete recovery but she is now much better and has recovered to a great extent.
Now when Malala has recovered from her wounds and she has no imminent danger to her life but one question is being raised by different quarters of society in Pakistan that what will be the outcome of scores of killings of innocent children including girls by the drone attacks in Pakistan. No wounded child is airlifted to UK and this very killing is done by the so called biggest human rights champion of the world. If one terrorist is killed 20 more innocent people including children are killed along with suspected terrorist. There is a need to safeguard the sovereignty of Pakistan and innocent lives of people in Pakistan and there should be an alternative policy to grab the real culprits but not at the cost of lives of innocent people.
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