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The term Lumbago is used to describe the pain in lower part of the back or in the lumber area. This pain can be mild, moderate or severe. This pain can be cramped to the lower back or radiating into the buttocks and upper thighs.

Lumbago can be chronic or acute. This pain can occur at any age level but people who have heavy work load usually face this pain and elderly are also susceptible to this pain. About 80% of population experience some form of back pain at least once in their life time.


This pain may occur due to wrong postures, while walking or poor driving position, bending or sitting. It can also take place due to lifting heavy objects and lack of exercise. Weak and strained back muscles and intervertebral disc abnormality, misalignment of the hips or torn ligaments, a herniated disk can also become the cause of this disease.

Sometimes back pain is occurred due to some medical problems like pregnancy, constipation, kidney problem and urinary, prostate problems leads to lumbago. It is observed that in some individuals, who have calcium deficiency, face back pain.


There are some symptoms which indicate that the person is suffering from lumbago like they have involuntary bowl movement and loss bladder control. Major symptom is acute and chronic pain in the lower back. Numbness and tingling in the lower back portion also can be observed.

Another warning sign of this pain is aches and pain in the leg area, this can occur in one or sometimes in both legs. This pain be accompanied by the weakness or may be due to muscles deteriorating. One more symptom is spasm in back, because lumbago can affect the muscles around the spinal area which can spasm.


There are a lot of remedies which are used to treat the lumbago like rest, pain relieving agents as well as physiotherapy. Natural supplements are also very important such as cod-liver oil, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C up to 200 mg in divided doses. Potent anti-inflammatory medicines are also applied at spine channels to reduce the pain.

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