Looking Back to Sahiwal, The Montgomery of Pakistan

Sahiwal Pakistan

Sahiwal is a prominent district of the Punjab province of Pakistan. According to the census  of  1998, it had a population of 1,843,194,  Since 2008, Sahiwal Division comprises of  Okara District and Pakpattan District along with Sahiwal District itself. The Sahiwal city is the capital of both the district and the division.
District Pakpatan is close to Sahiwal where there is shrine of Sufi Saint Hazrat Baba Fareed Shakar Gunj. There are almost 531 Villages in the Sahiwal district consisting of two subdivisions.

Sahiwal Pakistan

The Cattle of Sahiwal has a name and identity in the Dairy world. Zebu or Humped cattle, Red Sindhi and Butana Breeds are the hallmark of Sahiwal cattle business.Herdsmen called Jaanglees used to kept  these breeds in large herds. As irrigation increased with the passage of time, these animals were used as dairy animals. Biggest records of milk and highest quality and quantity are often made by Sahiwal's cows and buffaloes. Cows give on average 2270 Kilograms of milk per annum. The cattle of Sahiwal were also taken to Australia and they were used there for breeding and dairy purposes.

Sahiwal is famous for the production of cotton, grain, potato, wheat and rice. These commodities are exported to the rest of Pakistan and to the international market. 
There are two Tehsils, one is Sahiwal and other is Chichawatni and there are number of towns including famous Harrappa known for its acheoligical importance and other towns like Yousafwala, Iqbal Nagar, Noorshah, Kasowal, Qadirabad and Ghaziabad.
There are also the farms of famous Mitchels company on Sahiwal Highway near Renala Khurd which is known for its products like, jam, jelly, marmalade etc.
Montgomery was the old name of Sahiwal and after many years of partition of 1947 it was changed to Sahiwal.

The Climate of Sahiwal is too hot reaching up to 45 to 50 degrees in Summer and down to 5 to 10 degrees in Winter. The soil of Sahiwal is very fertile and is ideal for different crops. Industries like Cotton ginning, tanning, textile , spinning and weaving, leather products, pharmaceuticals and garments, flour mills, cold storage, potato, tobacco, vegetable, ghee and Cooking oil etc.
 Cricket is the famous and popular sports of the city, many cricketers like Mushtaq Ahmed, Manzoor Elahi, Saleem Elahi and Zahoor Elahi belong to this city. Football is also very popular in the district. Sahiwal has a number of educational institutions and its literacy rate in the city is more than 50 per cent.
Sahiwal will always be known for its rich scenic beauty and history.

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