Lahore’s Best Colleges and Universities

In Pakistan Lahore is only a city which is known for its best colleges or educational institutions. It’s a center of education actually. There is a great number of educational institutions including Engineering Colleges and Universities, Medical College and Universities, Commerce Colleges, Management Sciences Colleges and universities. One of the oldest and most reputed colleges is Government College University ( best known as GC, but it’s no more a college only, it has been transformed into Government College University.

GC Lahore
Another College is FC College, which stands for Forman Christian College ( . Now It has also been transformed into a university.
FC College Lahore
There are other historical and old Colleges in City of Lahore including Government M.A.O College, Islamia College Railway Rd. Lahore, Government College Civil Lines Lahore, Diyal Singh College, Lahore, Shalimar College, Lahore. These colleges are well known for their oldest historical buildings but unfortunately the education system in these has been victimized by the Politicians and Politics of Violence. They have the best faculty but environment to learn is not up to the mark.
King Edward Medical College Lahore
King Edward Medical University
There is good number of Medical Colleges, both government and Private. The leading medical college is King Edward Medical College which is now (King Edward Medical University). This institution is best known for the quality of education it imparts to its students and best faculty available. Local as well as foreign students have been enrolled from different countries.
Fatima Jinnah Medical College, Lahore
Fatima Jinnah Medical University:
This institution was inaugurated by Khwaja Nazimud-Din in 1949 although it has its roots with the family of Sir Ganga Ram in pre-partition era. It is the leading medical college for Girls in Lahore.
UET – University of Engineering and Technology
Punjab University Lahore
The UET ( is the best university for Engineering in whole Pakistan. It has its own wonderful record and grand past. It has a lot of space to offer for the students from all over Pakistan.
Imran Khan with PU Students
Below is the List of Other notable institutions in Lahore:
· Aitchison College Lahore.
· Lahore Medical and Dental College. (
· CMH Lahore Medical College.
· LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences)
· Apwa College for Women
· Kinnaird College for Women
· Punjab Group of Colleges
· University of Central Punjab
( (Controlled by Punjab Group of Colleges.)
· Punjab Colleges of Commerce
There are a number of other educational institutions which have their own unique value. Further information about other colleges can be obtained from Punjab University Site. (
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  • Faisal Munir

    Education is compulsory for everyone rather boy or girl… and its also need for the prosperity of the country, no one can defeat any one without education because now a days education is the part of life and everyone want to live a happy life. u live happill when u have their own and seperate homeland and seperate homeland u can get in one case, that is education. in short ''education is the matter of life and death''

  • sana

    which is the best college in lahore for girls …. for fsc

    • Well its the matter  of choice actually or to some extent depends on your marks in Matric.  Anyway, in my opinion. Lahore college is a good option if you agree with me.

  • zubair

    which college is best fir boys in lahore?? matric marks:958