Lahore Safari Park – Wildlife Park is a Unique Addition in Lahore’s Amusement Culture




Lahore Zoo Safar or Woodland Wildlife Park is a unique addition in Lahore's amusement culture. Its a new idea and has attracted the Lahorites at a greater scale towards it. It's a purely wildlife park. Another great attraction is the largest aviary available in Pakistan where people can walk alongside different birds including parrots, quails, partridges, Peacocks and other birds. It is a great attraction for small children because they are usually afraid to go inside the drive-in safari near the lions and cheetahs.
In Pakistan usually government-run institutions are affected by poor management and corruption but this safari was handed over to the Zoo Maintenance Committee which is headed by the Chairman of PWPD. To make it a self funded organization the ticket system was also introduced and now it has become an extension of the Lahore Zoo.

The species of animals here are Indian Peafowl, ostrich, Bengal Tiger, Silver Pheasant and other species of lions. Fishing and boating facilities are also available in a lake. People go in the covered vehicles in the lion and tiger areas on the safari tracks.
Since 2006 two or three unpleasant incidents have occurred due to the negligence of lower staff deputed there to look after the animals in which a female Bengal tiger attacked and killed another female and in 2007 a male lion killed another male and in June 2008 a guard on duty was attached by a tiger causing rupture to his jugular vein resulting in unconsciousness of the guard. But it does not mean that these accidents cannot be avoided. If proper care and precautions are adopted the experience of a safari park visit can be enjoyed. Because such facilities are very rare in Pakistan. In Europe the theme of Safari Park is very common and they have much larger facilities for the amusement of the People and accidents also happen there but again they happen due to the negligence of the people. Otherwise their parks are always crowded with people including children.

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Lahore Safari Park - Wildlife Park is a Unique Addition in Lahore's Amusement Culture, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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