Jigar ki Shikayat | Tips for Liver Disease Treatment in Urdu

Tips for Liver Disease Treatment in Urdu

Tips for Liver Disease Treatment in Urdu

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Jigar ki Shikayat | Tips for Liver Disease Treatment in Urdu, 4.8 out of 10 based on 12 ratings

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  1. raja says:


  2. Muhammad Asad says:

    A.A. i have liver infection swelling show on my face and eyes i am so up set please tell me what i do?
    some Dr. tell me you have Thyriod problem but my neck is good i am not feel any pain in my neck just my body is fat and swelling leg face and eyes belly please tell me treatment.
    i am waiting
    Asad Narowal Punjab Pakistan

    • h says:

      Wsalaam u need all blood liver and thyroid test after that u should start treatment blood test are very necessary for ur treatment.

  3. baig says:

    my mother have jigar problem she is 70 year old in pakistan we are worried about my mother docter said her jigar is completly dead. we got lot of docter in my city in gujrat pakistan she is on bed no move no talking even no sleeping pls suggest me good medicen plz GOD give long and healthy life to all mothers pls please docter sahib do for my mother

    • wiki says:

      brother my brother is also suffering from same disease and needs transplant but we dont have enough money but we are using a homoepathic medicine named hepagurad you can also try this medicine it supports liver and she may get godd enough to talk sleep or walk if ALLAH wants.

  4. KHALIL AHMAD says:


    • h says:

      First u should concentrate on ur liver function and also continue ur hepatitis treatment. for ur liver health u should use one table spoon of lemon and one table spoon of pure olive oil in morning empty stomach u will feel Chang in a month.

  5. mrs junaid says:

    A.salam my name is Mrs junaid mai kch b Khalu face pe freshness ni aati kaafi time phle liver k lye blood test krwaya tha us mai blue ribbon barhi hwi aai thi plx mjhe kuch btaye jisse face behtar hjaye or yellowish shade khatam hjaye day by day yellow hoti jari hu

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