Interesting Facts about Burgers and Pizzas


There are very interesting facts about Fast food available in our country. We talk about Fast food and Burgers etc. two famous names click in our minds and they are McDonalds and KFC, but now in Pakistan there are many other international and local food chains which are providing fast food to the consumers.

Fast food is not all about only burgers. There is a great variety in Fast food. The food which can be quickly prepared and served immediately is basically known as Fast food. The well-known forms of Fast food are Burgers, Pizza, Fish, Chips, Kebabs, Tikkas, and Fried Chicken etc. We can also count Doughnuts in the list of fast food. Fast food is no doubt tasty, delicious, mouthwatering and readily available but there are certain drawbacks of fast food which must be brought into the light and they are:

  1. Fast food is heavy on stomach and not easily digestible.
  2. It causes constipation.
  3. Almost everyone consumes Cola drinks with burgers and pizzas, so consumption of so much sugar in the form of these soft drinks can cause diabetes because sugar contained in these drinks is not easily tolerated by the pancreas and can cause diabetes.
  4. The French fries are often made from poor quality oil especially in local food chains and moreover they have already lost their nutrition value and they can hardly be called as potatoes.
  5. These type of foods contain a lot of fat and cause obesity, bad stomach, loss of appetite, bad liver and pancreas function.
  6. It leaves a bad effect especially on the brain power and especially harmful for the students.
  7. The Fat in the burgers in the form of cheese and beef etc. causes increased cholesterol level and salt in the French fried can cause your blood pressure.

More and more people turn to the fast food only due to its quality of being readily available in a short time and also its easy portability without spilling anything, but its long run disadvantages and we should let our new generation know that the benefit which natural foods can give can’t be got from junk or fast foods.









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