How to Take Care of Your Pet Cat

A pet cat is a wonderfully playful, intelligent, independent and affectionate creature. As the owner of the cat, you are totally responsible for providing him with basic healthcare. Some of the things you need to consider for pet care are: 


Safety and security of your pet cat

For your pet’s safety, keep the cat inside your property and while walking outside put him on leash. Use a cat carrier for moving him and screen all the windows of your home to protect your pet. Ensure that the doors of washer and dryer are kept closed and before using these equipments, always check that your cat is not hiding inside. Develop the habit of checking to see that the drawers, closets, and cupboards are unoccupied before you shut them. 

Identification of your cat

Although you are very careful, there is always a chance that your cat may sneak outside. For your cat’s safe return home, it is necessary that he has a ID that has your contact details (name, address and telephone number). Also, as a good citizen follow the local cat licensing laws.

Regular visit to the veterinarian

You can refer to your local animal shelter, rescue group or a friend who has a pet for locating a veterinarian. Healthcare is very much required for your pet cat. Ensure that you take him to the veterinarian frequently for health checks and he is up-to-date on his shots.

Provide nutritional food and plenty of fresh wate


Try to understand the nutritional requirements of your cat or consult the veterinarian regarding what food you should give and how many times you should feed him daily. Now and then, change his food and also mix it so that your pet does not get tired of eating same food daily.  Also, give him adequate water to drink.

Place a clean garbage box 


Cats by nature are fastidious, and most will automatically use a litter box if they are provided with one. Remove the wastes minimum one time every day and frequently clean the box with dish washing liquid and hot water. Put the garbage box in a quiet place as cats like privacy.

Regular Grooming

Your cat can have long or short hair. You should brush his hair regularly to keep his coat and skin well, stop matting, and lessen shedding and hairballs. You should also clip his claws to prevent him from developing in his paw. While grooming your pet, you get a good chance to find out any lumps, fleas, injuries of your cat and bond with him.

Give him your time and love 


Cats frequently amuse themselves. However, if you play regularly with your cat, this will give him the mental and physical stimulation he needs and reinforce the loving relationship you have. You can provide him toys and scratching posts to divert his attention from your domestic goods. However, you should remember that he also needs your love and affection.

Training your pet cat

You can teach your cat not to do things like scratching the sofa, consuming plants, or climbing on the kitchen counter. You can teach your cat the home rules by gentle, repeated and consistent training. You need to be patient and your expectations from your cat should be reasonable. Also, remember that most problems can be solved.

Your pet cat can act independently but he still depends on you for essentials like food, water, shelter, veterinary care, and so forth for a healthy life. You also need to give him your love and time for a rewarding relationship with your pet.

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