How to Get Fair Complexion Naturally

If you are looking to learn how to get fair complexion, a variety of at-home remedies can be used to lighten the skin a shade or two, but you should be realistic about your expectations. To achieve the fairer skin it is essential to maintain the healthy skin by exfoliating, using sun protection, eating a healthy diet, and applying natural lightening treatments. Lightening the skin tone is a slow process, so hard work and consistency are key factors.

How to get fair complexion

Here are four natural steps to lighten the skin tone:

Protection from the sun

Most of the skin discoloration is related to long-term or repeated exposure to UV-rays. By avoiding the sun’s ultraviolet rays it is possible to keep and maintain the fair complexion. But, for many it is not possible to fully avoid the sun, so when outdoors use a high strength (minimum of 30 SPF) sun block.

Other options include wearing a hat to give extra protection to the face and neck while outside during the heat of the day.

Exfoliate your skin

A complete manual exfoliation of the skin is useful for its ability to remove dead skin cells and improve the fair complexion of the skin. Exfoliating is a simple process of using a face wash or body scrub rich in exfoliating particles. But, for those with a regular smooth cleanser, add in ground oatmeal or almonds to provide the exfoliating assistance. For a deep exfoliation of the entire body, a dry or scrub brush can be gently used. But, for the face make sure to use a brush with soft bristles to avoid damaging the most fragile skin.

Lemon juice rinse

Lemon juice is perfect to act like a natural exfoliant because of the high alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) content. A benefit of this acid is its ability to remove the topmost surface of skin to expose the light skin beneath. Plus, the lemon juice is rich is citric acid, which is useful for providing a bleaching effect (this same acid is useful for lightening the hair).

A bath (up to three times per week) in a lemon juice rinse is certain to help achieve the fair complexion. Apply the diluted solution (use 50% strength) to the face, arms, chest, necks, legs, or other body areas to lighten. Leave the solution on the skin for 15-20 minutes and wash off using warm water. Use a moisturizer after this treatment to stop the skin drying out.

Potato rub

Another at-home remedy on how to get fair complexion is to apply a raw potato scrub. Raw potato is believed to be helpful for lightening the skin because of the high vitamin C content. Also, vegetables like cucumbers and tomatoes can provide similar results because of the equally high vitamin C. Rub the potato (or other vegetable) directly on the skin you wish to lighten. Leave the moisture from the potato in place until fully dry and absorbed into the skin, then give the skin a wash with warm water. Repeat this treatment 2-3 times per week.

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