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The desire for gaining weight is more often found in boys rather than girls. But sometimes skinny girls do make efforts to put on weight to keep them prominent and good looking. The products available in the market to gain weight can have the steroids in them which are harmful for human body, they quickly add to the weight but in the long run can create diseases. So It is always a safe bet to use weight gain tips from the nature. Desi weight gain recipe is does always work. Figs and Milk are helpful to gain weight.

There is a common perception that by eating meat and mince meat etc. you gain weight but let us see this perception in the natural phenomenon. All the beasts like tiger, lion and other carnivorous animals eat the meat but they don't look fat. On the other hand the cows, buffaloes, and other grass eating or herbivorous animals gain weight and become fat. So one suggestion for those who want to put on weight is to eat more and more green vegetables and fresh salad, take milk or curd in plenty. This will certainly help them to gain weight. Besides this they can eat the beef. This will surely help them to become fat within a short span of time.

A good amount of sleep helps you to gain weight. It is obvious that when you are taking healthy and rich diet, doing a little bit exercise to justify your diet but you are spending a lot of time in sleeping then definitely you are putting yourself on the track of becoming fat. But beware this can cause to have a big tummy which will give you a negative perspective. So along side the sleep of 8 hours you should spend one hour on daily exercise in any form, either it is jogging, Gym workout or whatever. But the key element will be the sound sleep without worries of your business, job or study.
Urdu Totkay for Health

Urdu Totkay for Health

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Home Remedy for Gaining Weight | Mota Honay ka Ilaj | Urdu Totkay for Health, 7.5 out of 10 based on 18 ratings

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  1. aliraza says:

    mota hona cahta ho

  2. maha says:

    its me maha 4rm lahore .
    iam very thin. i want healthy….

  3. saira says:

    ma bht weak ho moti hna chahti hoo

  4. sadia says:

    my arms are very thin.i want to widen my arms.

  5. zoha says:

    I m  very smart i want to healthy plz any tip for me my age is 19.

  6. pari says:

    men mota hona chati ho 

  7. Rana says:

    Jo shaadi shuda afraad hai wo kasrat say sex karain. kuch he din mai motay ho jaye gay . Try this and you will get benefit.

  8. misbaj says:

    ma mota hona chahti ho

  9. Rehan says:

    I have solution for you. 

  10. rayef abdullah says:

    Please give me some other methods for gaining weight or tell me some things to eat for weight gaining 

  11. rameen says:

    please mare shadi ha aur main bohot kamzoor hu koi elaj bata dain 1 mnth tak fit ho jaun

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