Hasbehaal – hits hard on the society

TV viewers in Pakistan have been viewing different comedy programs since the inception of Pakistan Television on November 26, 1964. Comedy shows had been an integral part of the TV culture in Pakistan. Programs like Fifty Fifty, Sona Chandi, Andhera Ujala, etc. gripped the viewers in their magic for many years. Now a days there are many comedy programs being broadcast on different Channels. The leading comedy show in my opinion is Hasbehaal broadcast by Dunya TV. The main characteristic of this program is that it is mainly based on the performance of one man who is none other than Suhail Ahmed, a stalwart of Showbiz.
hasbehaal Azizi
This program is a trio of three persons: Suhail Ahmed, Junaid Saleem and the laughing figure Najia.
It was the idea of  Aftab Iqbal (the ex-host of Hasbehal) to start this program. Hasbehaal was the column of Aftab Iqbal in a local newspaper and Azizi was the character of his column. He made a team with Najia (from Geo) and Sohail Ahmed and started the program for dunya tv. For some unknown reasons Aftab Iqbal left the program and started Khabarnak from Geo.
Hasbehaal is a comedy program but hides in itself a very sharp social satire. I was surprised to see in a recent program that it severely criticized the type of TV commercials and plays being broadcast on different TV channels. These commercials or plays are not worthwhile to be seen while sitting with the family members. I really appreciate the bold statement given by the host Junaid Saleem on this issue.
Sohail Ahmed has a strong grip on the show and he never let the audience take away their eyes and ears from the TV screen and no doubt the co-host Najia plays a very important role with her non-stop laughter but it is not understandable how a person can laugh so naturally in a TV show and again it is the outstanding performance of Azizi (Sohail Ahmed) which stands behind the laughter of Najia.
Najia Pic
The parodies of different political figures like, Firdauz Ashiq Awan, Jahangir Badar and Chaudhry Shujaat and the severe criticism and hard-hitting on  government’s performance are the main features of this program. In a recent program he successfully conveyed the message to the government that now they no longer can run their government with the support of Z. A. Bhutto’s name and empty slogans, they should do something concrete to alleviate the problems of the public.
I hope that we shall be able to see more programs like this in future too.
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Hasbehaal - hits hard on the society, 8.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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