Hardee’s now in Pakistan!!!! (For food lovers)

Hardees-Pakistan-LahoreIf you want some change in your fast food menu then you must taste new fast food restaurant “Hardee's”. This new restaurant inaugurated at M. M. Alam road in Gulberg, Lahore – Pakistan. This franchise is acquired by MDS food private limited, a business unit of Super Asia Group. This company has planned to open more than 15 outlets in Punjab and NWFP.

Sohail Yusaf, the CEO of MDS food private limited at a launching ceremony of Hardee's said that it’s a great honor to bring Hardee's to Pakistani Market and we sturdily feel there is growing demand of quality dining experience.

He believed that at their restaurants, customers enjoy made fresh to order products, fractional table service, all you can drink beverages bar with free, unlimited refill and the best quality products in the quick service restaurants segments. This has made Hardee's an ultimate destination for burger lovers who carve big, unique, delicious burger and other sandwiches in a premium environment, he also added.

For those who are not much familiar with this product – Hardee's is 4th largest food chain of US. It is operating about 14 countries around the world.

Some more info about Hardee's

Type of business ——– wholly owned subsidiary 

Founded in ——1960

Main headquarters are in ——St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.

Founder of Hardee's is —– Wilbur Hardee

Industry and product—— industry type is fast food and products include hamburgers, french-fries, milkshakes and newly added monster thick burger

Website —– www.hardees.com
Hardee's prides itself having its juicy meat burgers, that are more bigger than others and much tastier. Hardee's launches it's Lahore branch in the 1st week of November. Be the 1st one to experience it today. Sink your teeth in the Hardee's sandwich soon! Yum Yum.

It’s a good taste family restaurant. We wish Hardee's all the success and expect it bang other competitors for their low quality bread and same taste stuff in all the range.
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Hardee's now in Pakistan!!!! (For food lovers), 8.7 out of 10 based on 39 ratings
  • Alisha

    its a good taste fast food resturent quite different taste…….Yummy burger!!!

  • imran sh.

    I tried it yesterday and I wud say  … it's awesome 🙂

  • sana

    really good!!!

    • cyrus

      Then , ill have 10 of them … yes, ive got two stomachs!

  • Good news for Pakistani’s the foreigners are investing in Pakistan. CKE Restaurants Inc., parent company of St. Louis-based Hardee’s Food Systems Inc. will be welcome in Pakistan.

  • sheraz

    its a good !!!! with good tast & Quality but you people dont have any web side & email in pakistan.

  • Bhoola

    come on you guys…its freeky damn thing
    I dont understand why pakistani so fast to like everything without knowing it. first they damn liked the macdonalds and than kfc and subway, now they are upto hardees. macdonal introdused (microscopic) big mac berger and same with the kfc. and now you gonna have that monster thick berger. no doubt that the dow is thicker but its ingrediants are thinner like a wax paper.

    • Farrukh

      You are quite right, I am pretty sure this is a hype and we will see the Hardees will just be another loss leader in few days. Our people are always in hurry to adapt newer things to show themselves in fact, not even mcdonald got success and its first branch has been closed recently in Karachi.

  • jasim jawed

    nice food dilious

  • welby

    how can i apply for a job in Hardees?

    • Wajid Ali

      yr hardeeds is very well job i like ur tatse and i wish work in hardees 03349925326

  • Raby

    You can apply by following up this link below:



    how can i meet with your manager for my assignment of MBA on hardees to collect data

  • Lizi

    When will hardies open in Karachi ! i cant wait !

  • Khurram Zia

    I often visit Hardee's. It is good with taste N quality within a affordable price….:     )

  • riisaam

    its halal ???

    • Free Man

      Damn, I was hoping for a decent Bacon Double Cheeseburger.

  • Raby

    yup, its halal.

  • UMER

    How can i apply for job in new branch in DHA

  • UMER

    How can i apply for job in new branch in DHA?

  • Bilal

    What About Karachi Damn IT!! ??

  • Atif

    I also like it tooo much ,,,
    itz yummyy >>>:)

  • RANA SALEEM, Commr.

    AROUND 4-6 APRIL, '12