Hakeem Saeed – The legend in the field of Hikmat and Herbal Medicine


Hakim Muhammad Saeed was a renowned Hakeem, medical researcher, herbalist, scholar, philanthropist. He remained the Governor of Sindh Province from 1993 to 1996. Hakeem Saeed was one of Pakistan's most popular and respected medical researchers in the field of oriental or eastern medicines. His most valuable contribution to the cause of humanity was that he established the famous Hamdard Foundation in 1948, before his settlement in West Pakistan. In a few years period, the herbal products of the Hamdard Foundation had become household names in Pakistan. Hakim Muhammad Saeed wrote and compiled about 200 books on medicine, philosophy, natural medicine, science, health, literary, religion,social, and travelogues.

Hakim Saeed was born in New Delhi, in British Indian Empire on January 9, 1920in an educated and religious Urdu-speaking family. His forefathers had been associated with the herbal medicine business, and they had established the Hamdard Waqf Laboratories which until today has become one of the largest manufacturers of Unani and herbal medicines in the world. Hakeem Saeed attended the local school in his area where he learned Arabic, Persian, Urdu, English and got the education of Quran.At the age of 18, Hakim Muhammad Saeed passed the university entrance test and got admitted in the University of Delhi in 1938. There, hesecured a B-Pharm and B.S. degree in medicinal chemistry in 1942. After his undergraduate education, Saeed joined Hamdard Waqf Laboratories as junior researcher and participated in herbal quality control while experimenting on medicines. In 1945, Hakeem Sahib attended the post-graduate course, and got M-Pharm in Pharmacy from that same institution. Following the Partition and creation of Pakistan, Hakeem sahib left his hometown with his wife and daughter. He settled with his family in Karachi. There he established Hamdard Laboratories and became its first director until his death in 1998. In 1952, Hakeem Saeed Sahib traveled to Turkey where he attended the Ankara University and there he was awarded a Ph.D in Pharmacy,  and he then returned to Pakistan to devote his life to research in medicine.

In 1985, Hakim Muhammad Said laid the foundation stone of Hamdard University, where he served its first Vice-Chancellor and as a professor.
The most reputable and renowned activity of his life is the establishment of Madinat-al-Hikmah. It comprises of Hamdard University with institutes as Hamdard Institute of Education & Social Sciences, Hamdard Public School and Hamdard Village School, Hamdard College of Medicine and Dentistry, Hafiz Muhammad Ilyas Institute of Herbal Sciences, Hamdard Al-Majeed College of Eastern Medicine, , Hamdard Institute of Management Sciences, Hamdard Institute of Information Technology, Hamdard School of Law, Faculty of Engineering Science & Technology,. Bait-al-Hikmah (the Library) is also a vital  part of Madinat-al-Hikmah. This is one of the biggest libraries of Pakistan.
Hakeem Saeed Sahib wrote, edited or compiled over 200 books and journals in Urdu and English on Islam, Education, Science,Pakistan, Medicine and Health. Besides writing travelogues (Safarnamay) of countries he visited, he also wrote books especially for youth and children. Naunehal Adab, for producing quality books for children.
Said was a tower of light in  Eastern medicine who had treated patients from all over the world including Pakistan, Europe, Africa and the Middle East by the time of his death in October 1998. He played his role in  getting alternative medicine recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). After a hefty fifty-year career as a physician of Greco-Arab medicine, he was posthumously (after his death) awarded the Nishan-e-Imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan in 2002.[4]

Hakim Muhammad Said was targeted murdered on October 17, 1998 while going to Hamdard University. His murderers were caught by the Police Officer DIG Farooq Amin Qureshi, who was CCPO Karachi at that time. Several MQM workers were arrested and subsequently sentenced to death by an anti-terrorism court. The name of MQM leader IshratulIbad is also mentioned among the conspirers of his murder but no solid proof has yet been produced.

A whole book is required to cover all the aspects of Shaheed Hakeem Saeed Sahib. We pay tribute to this son of soil and great physician and medical researcher of Pakistan. May Allah rest his soul in peace.Ameen.





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