Gwadar – The Warm Water Deep Sea Port of Pakistan

Gwadar, the new port city of Pakistan is situated in Baluchistan province. It marks the South Western Arabian Sea Coastline. It was entitled as winter capital of Province of Baluchistan. The population of Gwadar is near 70,000. Gwadar is the deep sea warm water sea port established by Government of Pakistan and a cost of USD$248 million incurred in its development. It was inaugurated by the President on March 20, 2007.
Gwadar is a planned city just like other planned cities of Pakistan like Jauharabad, Faisalabad and Islamabad which reflect the urban planning. Before being developed into a port city it was just a fishing village.
The history tells us that the area of Gwadar remained shrouded in mystery for a long until Makran was conquered by Hazrat Omar (R.A) in 643 CE. After that various invaders waged campaigns to win it.
Gwadar is one of the few planned cities in Pakistan (others being Faisalabad, Jauharabad, and Islamabad), which have been developed from scratch under an urban master plan. Prior to its development as a port city, the town was a fishing village.
There is a high trend of investment in Gwadar but people should be aware of false agents and fraud companies dealing in this business. If Government gives proper attention to this coastal city it can become Dubai of future.
The phase-1 of Gwadar port’s construction was started in March of 2002 and it was finished in 2007. The road between Karachi and Gwadar is almost 653 Km long as it connects Gwadar to Karachi passing through Pasni and Ormara and after that it connects with other highways of the country. Gwadar Development Authority developed a 50-year Master Plan for the Gwadar region.
The climate of Gwadar is hot, arid and dry. The culture of Gwadar is deeply influenced by Omani rule as it was ruled by Omani sultanate for a long time. Arabic dance Liwa is performed by the natives and which is also performed in Arab countries.
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