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Updated (05-05-2011):

Gourmet One Dish Menu

Gourmet Lahore One Dish Menu

Lahore Gourmet One Dish Menu


DAIG orders can be booked at any Gourmet Shop till 10.00 pm. Orders for the same day are required at least 5 to 6 hours before the required time and advance order can be booked before any number of days as long as Date is known.

Gourmet Daig Menu




Gourmet Catering Lahore Pakistan


Gourmet One Dish Menu

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Gourmet Catering Lahore, 6.9 out of 10 based on 14 ratings
  • Sameer

    Kindly send us current rate of particular menu
    Chicken Quorma
    Beaf Baryani
    for 100-150 persons
    Regard's & aslamoalikom

    • Hafiz salman zakki zia

      drama baaz hai log saary

  • mian Rauf

    aoa can you supply half deg of mutton or chicken on 15th july ?

  • Mohsin Malik

    I need to place order for Mutton Biryani Daig. Please advise/confirm via return email that the following calculations are in order:
    Listed price for Mutton Biryani Daig (12 +10 KG) = Rs 8,500/-
    Less 25% applicable discount = Rs. 2,125/-
    Nett order amount = Rs 6,375/-
    Waiting to receive an early reply confirmation from your end now.
    Mohsin Malik

  • suhail

    we would like to know the prices for menu # 2 & menu # 6 for the arrangement of 250 people for a walima function. also let us know if you provide catering services along with servers. the requirement would be on 31st of January 2012.

  • Tasaduq Hussain

    Hi, Very Very bad experience
    Ordered 2 chicken Quorma’s on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 at Punjab Society (Bill# 3588) branch to be delivered on Sunday, December 04, 2011.
    Below was the service I got which was NOT expected from Gourmet:
           Quantity was supposed to be 12 KG but the weight was not more than 8 Kg
           There was no curry but only oil was floating. This was supposed to be a quorma right?
           The chicken was cold
           When heated again then it turned into mince meat
    Called at 0321.700.6601 @5pm 04/Dec and was told that someone will get back to me but no one contacted me.
    Anyway I know that nothing can be done now. However, just wanted to register my complaint and publish this on the website so everyone should know the quality of catering being provided by your company (Gourmet).
    ====Tasaduq Hussain 

  • Ahsan

    Hello guys, I'm planning to go for gourmet chicken biryani and chicken qorma for my brother's walima. The hall has been separately booked. Can you guys confirm if its a good idea ?

  • Hasan

    Hi, Can any one please tell me what is the meaning of (12+10) chicken biryani daig? I thought it means that the daig will be made with 12 kg of raw rice and 10 kg of chicken meat. But just today some one had argument with me that it could mean the the end product i.e. cooked daig will be 22 kg which might actually contain e.g. 8 kg rice and 6 kg chicken and rest 8 kg water, oil etc. Can someone please clarify.

    Thank you.

  • Asian Catering Company Lahore

    Asian Catering Company is Based in Lahore offering all kind of Catering Services and Ready Made Daigs (Bulk Food). DAIG orders can be booked at any time by Call 03322227426 or by Email: asianeventspk@gmail.com. Orders for the same day are required at least 2 to 6 hours before the required time and advance order can be booked before any number of days as long as Date is known.

    We also offer complete arrangement in Lahore for as low as Rs.745/Head for Mehandi/Baraat/Walima for minimum 100 persons.

    Menu 1:

    Chicken Biryani/Pulao

    Chicken Qorma/Karahi

    Naan (4 Types) Live Tandoor

    Fresh Salad + Raita

    One Sweet Dish

    Mineral Water

    Price: Rs.745/Head (Food + Setup)

    Or Menu can be Decided from Dishes below.

    Rates in Kg :

    Chicken Biryani 10×10 6000 (Per Daig)
    Beef Biryani 10×10 6500 (Per Daig)
    Mutton Biryani 10×10 9000 (Per Daig)
    Alo Biryani 10 kg 3300 (Per Daig)
    Chana Biryani 10 kg 3500 (Per Daig)
    Chicken Fried Rice 10 kg 6000 (Per Daig)
    Singaporian Rice 10 kg 6600 (Per Daig)
    Prawn Biryani 10 kg 9000 (Per Daig)
    Seekh Kabab 450 Per kg
    Gola Kabab 450 Per kg
    Behari Kabab 500 Per kg
    Shami Kabab 30 rupee Per Pcs
    Reshmi Kabab 550 Per kg
    Chicken Tikka 400 Per kg
    Chicken Behari Tikka 400 Per kg
    Malai Boti (Boneless) 600 Per kg
    Chicken Bohra Fried 550 Per kg
    Fried Chicken (KFC Style) 500 Per kg
    Fried Fish 800 Per kg
    Special Fried Fish 800 Per kg
    Goat Roast 9000 Per Pcs
    Chicken (Qorma / Karahi / Stew) 480 Per kg
    Beef (Qorma / Karahi / Stew) 530 Per kg
    Mutton (Qorma / Karahi / Stew) 800 Per kg
    Chicken Steam 550 Per kg
    Chicken Steam (Foil) 600 Per kg
    Chicken Makhani Handi 700 Per kg
    Mutton Handi 900 Per kg
    Palak Paneer 900 Per kg
    Kheer-e-Khan 220 Per kg
    Kheer Zafarani 270 Per kg
    Zarda 400 Per kg
    Zarda Special 550 Per kg
    Fruit Triffle 260 Per kg
    Lab-e-Shirin 320 Per kg
    Gulab Jaman 280 Per kg
    Gajar/Loki Halwa 320 Per kg
    Sujji Halwa 200 Per kg
    Aalo Chana Tarkari 200 Per kg
    Kulfi (Clay Pot) 30 each
    Kulfi Crunch 25 each
    Shahi Tukray 25 Per Head
    Raita 100 Per kg
    Salad 100 Per kg
    Taftan/Sheermal 145 Per kg
    Kulchay 150 Per kg
    Paratha 160 Per kg
    Roti (Milky) 80 Per kg

  • Hameed Jelani.

    Kindly send us current rate of particular menu
    Chicken Qurma
    Chicken Baryani
    cold drinks/kashmeree tea.

    for 200 to 250 persons Please mentioned ur rates including sitting Arrangments.