The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space based technology which uses satellite for its navigation system that tells location and time according to local area in every weather condition, at every place or near the Earth planet where there is no obstruction to four or more GPS satellites.  The system provides services to Armed forces, Air force, Navy, civilian institutions, Schools, Colleges, Universities and commercial users or individual users all around the world. In Pakistan it is being used now on a wider scale by different institutions and individual persons on their Pcs, Tablet Pcs or on their mobile phones which have the GPS facility installed.

It is actually controlled and maintained by USA government and is accessible free to anyone who has a GPS receiver.

The GPS mission was started in  1973 to resolve the problems  of previous navigation systems and also to enhance the navigating capabilities in all sectors.

It was invented or created or materialized by U. S. Defense department and was initially run with the help of 24 satellites. it reached to the stage of full operation in 1995. its inventors' names are Roger L. Easton, Bradford Parkinson, and Ivan A. Getting.

Many Engineering Design studies were correlated and combined to take help from them.

Next  modern phase of GPS-III Satellites is coming now and OCX (Operational Control Systems are being introduced or have been introduced. There are many other navigational systems parallel to GPS of USA  are in field e.g. Chinese Compass Navigation System, India's Regional Navigation Satellite System and Russia's Global Navigation Satellite System which also abbreviated as (GLONASS).

Finding way with the help of GPS is now very easy, if you have GPS receiver in your car, in your cell phone, tablet pc, or laptop you can easily find your way while roaming to find a specific place or address. Special term Coordinates is used to express the specific address parameters. You can make your GPS system remember the coordinates of a specific place and then revisit that place very easily with the help of GPS.

GPS work poorly indoors but at open places it works wonders, but the solution to that limitation has also been found. and that will come also be detailed in this forum.






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