Ghazwa e Badar – and the help of Angels


Ghazwa e Badar is the first battle of Islam between Kuffars of Makkah and Momineen. On one side there was a huge army which was equipped with all the weapons and necessities of war and on the other hand Muslims were only 313 including 82-86 Muhajireen and remaining were the Ansaars. Their total assets in the war were two horses and 70 camels and many of them had not even simple weapons to fight, some warriors had swords but not any bow or arrow. Some had spears and not swords. The army of Muslims was not prepared for war and was also not well equipped. Muslims were also not well fed and many of them were sick and weak. But they had only one thing in mind that they had to obey the Prophet (Peace be upon him) at any cost and they had trust in Allah and not in their weapons.

Kuffar believed without doubts that they would defeat the Muslims owing to their large number and weapons. When the war started the Kuffar of Makkah had already occupied a high area of Maidan e Badar to take advantage of location. But Allah sent the rain to stop the Kuffar and to make land soft for the Muslims and this has been mentioned in Holy Quran in Surah Anfaal.

When the war started with one to one combat, Three persons from Kuffar came forward namely, UtbahIbnRabi'a, his brother Shaibah and his son Waleed and from Muslims, who were ordered by Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) to come forward from Muhajirren were Hazrat Ali (R.A), Hazrat Hamzah (R.A) and Hazrat Obaidah (R.A). Hazrat Ali (R.a) killed Waleed, Hazrat Hamza (R.A) killed Shaibah and Hazrat Obaidah (R.A) was wounded while fighting and was taken back to the rows of Muslims and got shahadat, Hazrat Hamzah (R.A) attacked Utbah and slayed him.

Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) supplicated to Allah for his help, and there are many witnesses and also is mentioned in Holy Quran that Allah sent thousands of his noble angels to help Muslims. It is mentioned in Holy Quran as this "Remember, When You sought help of your Lord and he answered you saying "I will help you with a thousand Angels each row behind the row in succession". (Surah Al-Anfaal (8):9)

Angels were holding swords and whips in their hands and they struck the disbelievers with whips and it left the marks on their backs and they died then and there.

It was the faith of Muslims and their obedience to Allah and His Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) and was the result of Allah's mercy and Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him)'s supplications that Angels descended from the skies and helped Muslims. 14 Muslims were martyred and more than 70 Kuffar were killed and remaining fled leaving the battle ground. Abu Jahal who was called Pharoh of Kuffar's nation by Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) was also killed by two Ansari Muslim young boys. 70 Kuffars were captured alive and they were set free later on the condition of  each giving education to 10 Muslims of Madinah. Some rich captives were released after taking ransom.

Allama Iqbal has rightly said on this :

Fizayay Badar Paidakar Farishtay Teri Nusratko

Utar saktay hain gardon say Qitar Andar Qitarabbhi

The example set from this war episode is that if the faith of the Muslims is firm on Allah and His Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him), still the angels can descend from the skies for the help of Muslims. Current Muslims especially Muslim rulers should learn a lesson from this Ghazwa and act on their traditions without fearing from anyone and trusting only on Allah.







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