Fruit Punch Recipe | Cold Drinks Recipes in Urdu

When you are roaming here and there in summer in open and your lips are dry and parched, the first thing which comes in mind is the cold water or cold drink. Many people would look for a beverage shop or a juice corner. The simplest solution which most of the people would adopt is to take a cola drink because it is somewhat inexpensive and readily available at every shop. But from the health point of view the cola drinks are not a good choice. It is a much better idea to look for a fruit juice shop and have the natural and fresh fruit juice. One can also opt for lemonade or lemon drink.
Now apparently the advice is complete and you have got the solution, but STOP! there is one issue with it. Many people would object that the hygiene problem is one common issue with the public fruit juice centers. They neglect the hygiene and dont wash their containers or glasses properly and there is a likelihood that one would catch some disease there. So the last and final solution is to extract the juices at home. Here you can get the fruit punch recipe or simple juice recipe which you can follow and have the refreshing juice at home with variety and nutrition.

The juice recipe being given here includes juices of all necessary fruits and contains all the nutrients contained in them. The juice of lemon, orange, carrot and pineapple contains in them a treasure of energy, minerals and vitamins necessary for students, athletes, pregnant women, middle aged and aged persons. The juice of apple helps to improve the quantity of blood in human body. Lemon is good for getting the glowing and smooth skin and keep away the infectious diseases. Juice of carrot is good for eye sight and making fresh blood. Pineapple is good to increase immunity and vigor. Orange also helps to save human body from viral and skin diseases. The fruit punch once daily will certainly help to obtain the optimum health required for good performance in the present day circumstances.

fruit punch recipe Fruit Punch Recipe | Cold Drinks Recipes in Urdu

fruit punch recipe 1 Fruit Punch Recipe | Cold Drinks Recipes in Urdu

fruit punch recipe 2 Fruit Punch Recipe | Cold Drinks Recipes in Urdu

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