Food Requirements for Adults and Elderly Adults in Urdu

When we reach adulthood our growth and development is almost over and then we only need to maintain our lifestyle and keep fulfilling the requirements of our adult body. We have also to see that we should not gain extra weight and also to prevent many diseases like obesity, heart diseases, diseases related to sedentary life style because in adult age we don't play like we play in boyhood or in school age. we are more habitual of working in office for 8 to 10 hours which causes our body to get more fat especially in the abdomen or belly region and around thighs and hips. Saturated fats, sugar, salt, red meat and bakery items are recipe of disaster in adult age and especially in elderly adult age.

EAt less items

The ratio of these things should be minimized to whatever extent we can go. If we altogether give up consuming these things our body will feel at its best, because the primitive man was not aware of salt, sugar, fats or bakery items or fine floor etc. So basic needs of human beings or adult in our society don't come around these things. You should throw out almost every oil from your kitchen except olive oil if you want to go far avoiding fats.


The Basic Food requirement of an adult or an elderly adult:

1) Protein from white meat like chicken and fish. Eggs and pulses are a good source of protein.

2) Five servings of fruit and vegetables each day.

3) Carbohydrates from cereals, potatoes, wheat pasta, brown rice etc.

4) Fiber is very important. We need medium to push food in our guts or intestines. The guava with seeds, Figs, Melons, whole wheat bread, green vegetables especially Spinach will help extensively. Plenty of fluids should be taken to help functioning of intestines. Pulses are also good to remove constipation and bowel problems.

5- Calcium intake should be increased to prevent from Osteoporosis and to fortify the bones. The Calcium can be obtained from Milk and dairy products like Yogurt and cheese. Green vegetables and certain cereals also include

healthy items

6) Iron can be found in Apples, Spinach, meat and some vegetables like beet root.

7) Vitamin C assists in making Collagen which is a very good agent in healing the wounds and for skin, hair and nails. Its efficacy is also proven in making eye sight better.

8) Vitamin D helps in increasing the strength of bones and absorbing the Calcium in body.

9) Zinc is good for mental health and integrity of nervous system and immune system.

In elder stage of life Appetite changes occur. In later stage of life one feels less hungry but even then it is important to maintain the nutrient level of body. So eating snacks in place of meals is also a good idea. Fish or chicken sandwiches with green salad between is a good idea.

Healthy foods

Long Life or frozen Foods are not too bad. They can be trusted if you are unable to find at times fresh articles.

Fish meal

Aik baat yad rakhnay ki hai, kay aap wohi hain jo aap khatay hain, is liyay apni khorak kay maamlay main ahtiat say kam lijiyay. Wohi khaiyay jo aap kay jism kay liyay kaaramad hai, Junk food say parhaiz karain, rozana warzish karain aur qudrat ki ata ki hoi har naimat say faida uthayain,warzish karain aur Zahni pareshanio say bachain to aap Allah kay Fazal o Karam say aik lambi aur achi zindagi guzar saktay hain.

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