Dr Khurram Mushir’s video | Facial hair problem tips in urdu


Dr Khurram Musheer video. Facial Hair Problem Tips.He says causes of facial hair include hormone imbalances (such as an increase in testosterone, the male hormone), steroids consumed in food products (for example: chicken), pollution in environment and genetic reasons. However, laser skin treatment should be avoided, especially for Asians. Instead, you should get a hot wax. Another solution is to make a mixture of Vitamin A cream, turmeric powder and glycerin and apply it on your facial hair. In the morning, thoroughly clean your face with medicated ubtan cream. Then, using leaves of Banyan tress and Azelaic acid cream, form a paste (by, for example, mixing it with lotion) and apply this on your face. Leave it on your face for some time and then fully wash it off. Repeat these tasks every day. If you end up getting rashes, use just 1% hydrocortisone cream which is a nominal and thus, safe quantity. In addition, little girls who grow a lot of hair should not be waxed at a young age. A better solution to reduce their hair growth is to mix red flour with a small quantity of whole wheat flour and rub this mixture on the child’s skin. 

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