Dr Khurram Mushir’s Tips About Hair Loss in Urdu Video

Hair loss or baldness is a common problem or ailment in Pakistan. There are multiple reasons  behind this ailment. Sometimes it is due to a disease or there might be genetic reasons behind  this. It is commonly seen that it travels from generation to generation, if a father has  baldness his children are most likely to inherit this problem. As far as other reasons are  concerned there might be lack of nutrition or it might be by birth. There are environment issues as well working for the falling of hair. Hair, nail and skin are interconnected with each other. A dermatologist deals with the three. Proper checkup by a qualified dermatologist is always useful on the onset of the disease with hair, nails or skin.
People working in hazardous environments where they interact with different chemicals or the people working in dusty or polluted environment are more prone to hair loss and other skin problems. The quality of water in different areas also affects the hair and skin.  The number of baldness and alopecia patients is increasing day by day in Pakistan. There are a good number of hair transplant centers working for the treatment of baldness and hair transplantation.  There are different kinds of treatment available in the market including Laser hair transplant, single follicle hair treatment, natural hair transplant etc. All of them charge different rates for different kinds of treatment.  FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplantation is the latest in Pakistan in which no cutting or stitching in involved. Follicles are pulled one by one with very small punches. Surgical Hair Replacement is another option besides the Hair Restoration treatment which gives a new look to the hair
Dr. Khurram Mushir is well renowned for the treatment of hair loss or baldness. He presents you the best tips for hair loss in Urdu. 



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