Dr. Israr life and works

Dr. Israr life and works

Dr. Israr Ahmed Was a renowned Pakistani Scholar. His all life was passed preaching the Quran and advocating for the cause of Nizam-e-Khilafat. He was born in Haryana, India on 26th April, 1932. He was a staunch member of Jamaat-e-Islami but due to some differences on the participation of Jamaat-e-Islamic in Elections and Electoral process, he founded his own organization called Tanzeem-e-Islami and broke away with Jamat-e-Islami.

Interestingly he was a an MBBS doctor and graduated from King Edward Medical College, Lahore in 1954 but later on he also did his Master's in Islamic Studies from University of Karachi in 1965.  He joined Jamat-e-Islami being impressed from the personality of Maulana Abul Ala Maududi but as earlier has been said, he developed differences on the issue of participation in elections and resigned from Jamat-e-Islami in April 1957.


He did a great study of Quran and started teaching Quran while he was still a student. He used to give lectures on Quran in different cities of Pakistan. He also spent some time with Tablighi Jamaat but then also left that due to some methodological differences.
He wrote "Islamic Renaissance. The Real Task Ahead" in 1967. It was the book explaining the methods to revive the faith in the young generation of Muslims and revitalize the faith or Iman. He gave up his medical practice in 1971 and started giving full time for the revival of Islam. He established Markazi Anjuman Khuddam-ul-Quran in 1972 and founded Tanzeek-e-Islami in 1975. He launched Tahreek-e-Khilafat Pakistan in 1991.

He started giving lectures on Pakistan Tv in 1978 from the program Al-Kitab, There were other programs also namely, Alif Lam Meem, Rasool-e-Kamil, and Umm ul Kitab, but the program which made him a public figure in every home of Pakistan was Al-Huda. He taught and preached for the Quranic studies and revitalizing the faith in Pakistani people through Quran. He was against the election and democratic process. He believed that the head of an Islamic state could reject the majority decisions of the elected assemblies. He always struggled for the system of Khilafat.He wrote more than 60 Urdu books about Islam and Pakistan, in those nine have been translated into English and other languages. He also appeared on Peace Tv and preached Quran and Islam.
He was not a conservative or orthodox scholar, he presented Quranic teachings in a Scientific and modern or enlightened way, yet keeping in view the limits set by the Islam. 
He was a heart patient and died due to heart attack in his home on 14th April, 2010 at about 3:30 AM. He has wanred the Muslim world of the nefarious designs of jews and Nato forces long ago. Now it is the duty of Muslim Ummah to revive the faith in them and stand for the cause of Islam. May Allah rest the soul of Dr. Israr Ahmed in peace.

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    Correct Spelling: Tanzeek-e-Islami in 1975

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    Correct is: warned not (wanred) the Muslim
    Correct is: Tanzeem-e-Islami not (Tanzeek-e-Islami) in 1975