Dr. Fazeela Abbasi, Dermatologist, Talking About Skin problems, Hair problems and their Solutions




Dr.Fazila Abbasi, Dermatologist, Talking about Skin problems, Hair problems and their Solutions. It is an old habit of mothers and grandmothers to put oil on the children and massage thoroughly. However, little do they realize that putting it overnight blocks the pores and rather inhibits hair growth. The dermatologists themselves have not massaged their heads with oil since ages. But they agree that this massage helps through blood circulation in the head. Other than hair tension, other problems that lady’s face is regarding eye bags. Eye bags are fat deposits that run in the family. They can only be treated by plastic surgeons. Other major issue that concerns the skin specialists is that women are not provided enough awareness regarding breast cancer. They should not get anything injected in breasts, nor should they put any sort of fillers to increase their sizes. Furthermore, fat transfer is also very dangerous because the doctors won’t be able to realize at further stage if that is the cancerous lump or the fat transfer. But if one has major issues then the best safe option is to get a silicon transfer. This is a very expensive procedure that does not last for long. But if your family has a history of breast cancers then do not be stupid enough to make yourselves vulnerable to such a fatal disease. Specialists advise all the female that they should do extra research and separately list your pros and cons for the procedure that you are about to have. Only go to highly professional qualified doctors only. Other than that, you should use different cleansers, according to your skin type for the pimples. You can hide them using a concealer and then the face powder. Those having oily skins should use watery cleansers and stay away from watery ones and should only use make up containing minerals so that their pores are not blocked. In summers, girls mostly have oily skins due to humidity. Moreover, use sun blocks, suited to your skins to prevent you from sun rays.

The best antiaging creams are those containing retinol (having low concentration). This is a vitamin that helps your new skin occur more quickly and helps it to glow and become fresh. Apply it at night with the consultation of a doctor. Furthermore, pimples may appear after waxing, especially on an acne prone or oily skin. To prevent this, start applying an anti-biotic cream 2 to 3 days before and after waxing.

Male baldness is genetic and very common now a day. For this treatment, different creams and solutions may be used. Other medicines can be used too. Otherwise, hair transplant may be used. But their complications should be studied in detail before opting for this procedure.



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