Dr. Fazeela Abbasi, Dermatologist, Talking About Pimples after waxing and Male Baldness

Dr. Fazeela Abbasi, Dermatologist, Talking About Pimples after waxing and Male Baldness. Some girls face a very common problem that pimples appear after waxing, plucking or threading. This occurs mainly on oily and acne prone skin. This means that an entry point is created on the skin for the bacteria present on the body when the hair is removed. This causes infections and pimples appear. However, a superficial infection heals in no time. The texture of the hair removed also accounts for the pimples appearing on the skin after waxing. If a thick hair is removed, that means that the opened pore is comparatively larger and more vulnerable to the bacteria. Be extra careful regarding the type of waxing used on your body and how it is handled. To prevent these bacteria from accumulating, start applying an anti-biotic cream 2 to 3 days before betting waxed. And continue to do so after being waxed. Also rub the body parts waxed with ice packs to constrict the blood vessels. This helps to prevent the process of pimple formation.

Another major issue is male baldness which is inherited and becoming very common. The hair on the frontal part and sides is removed from your head. This can easily be treated by different cream and several solutions. Other medicines (menoxodil) can be used by males that inhibit the enzyme reaction for hair loss. Other than that hair transplant is an option but this too comes with complications. So a detailed study and discussion should be done with the doctors. Thoroughly go through all the pros and cons before opting for any major procedure.

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