Dangerous Accident in Pakistan Video

Accidents can happen in twinkling of an eye. It all depends how you drive your vehicle. Life is precious and is given to us only once in this world and it is our moral and religious duty to take care of this precious gift. When a person dies in an accident, he does not die alone, all of his family, his parents, his children, brothers and sisters suffer from a terrible shock and a life long grief. This is not understandable that how a man can risk his life for just a cheap thrill.
I have seen a very beautiful quote written beside the highways of Saudi Arabia "Abnauka Fi Intizarak" which means "Your children are waiting for you". Some accidents happen due to untrained and novice drivers, it is the duty of government officials to issue driving licenses after a comprehensive test of the candidate but in Pakistan there are certain flaws in the system where one can get the license with a very little effort while using unfair tactics.
Death is an established fact and should come to us as and when has been decided by our Lord the Almighty Allah but we should not ourselves gamble with our lives and do suicidal attempts in the form of reckless driving.
See the video and decide yourself who is doing what to reach on which side?

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