Co Education – Right or Wrong for Pakistan in Urdu

This is a very long and old debate that whether boys or girls should study together in the same institution or not. Of course there are advantages and disadvantages of co-education.

Disadvantages:  From Islamic point of view Co-education has always been discouraged because of the undesired and harmful results because of natural attraction between the two genders and thus the distraction from study in result and the damage to the student’s future.

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Another reason for its opposition is the difference between the activities of girls and boys. The girls feel more easy and confident when they are in the girls and so can express themselves vividly and loudly. They can ask questions to the teacher freely and can interact without any hesitation. Almost same is the case with boys but on a lesser level.  Psychologically, pathologically, physiologically and from every aspect girls are different and opposite to boys so need an arena, an environment of their own to nurture their abilities and talents.

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Advantages: Of course there are certain advantages if, for a moment, we put aside all the disadvantages linked with Co-education. There is a sense of competition when boys and girls study together. Some boys try to be more smart in appearance but many try to be intelligent and work hard to be prominent in class and to gain popularity among girls, so eventually they gain more in education.

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When girls study among boys they get confidence of working with males because if they have to work in practical field later there won’t be any gender specific job necessarily. The experience gained while studying among the boys helps them to interact with males, especially where there are chances of harassment or exploitation.

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Conclusion:  Co-education kay nuqsanat faidon say boht ziyada hain, Hamara mazhab, Akhlaqi Aqdar aur Tahzeeb har giz ijazat nahi daiti kay Co Education ko Pakistan main Rayij kia jayay. Larkon aur larkon main musabqat aur muqabla alag alag idaron main taleem hasil kar kay bhi kia ja sakta hai. 

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  • Faisal Jamal

    Very good conclusion sister, I really admire you for it because Unfortunately many of our young brothers and sisters like coeducation, how can u favor it when it advocates for so much wrong than right, just go and take a look at your universities today, nonmehrams interacting freely, laughing making jokes even of vulgar nature, and this is just the beginning of all wrong, then u also have frequent dating practice that takes place in these institutions. I have been there and I have witnessed it all, and I left the institution in 1 month, I just could not stand it. It was one of the top universities of this country. Is this the kind of confidence that you want to have? I bet many males here won’t like there wives to be a part of such culture after marriage which they go through before marriage. The culture of these institutions itself promotes interaction between males and females that is outside the realms of Islam. This culture is called the culture of friendship, now I ask where is it written in Islam that friendship between males and females is acceptable? and if anyone says to you that he doesn’t engage in useless talk and friendship culture in these environments than he is simply lying to you. You cannot survive in these institutions if u dont promote this culture or become a part of it. You even have joint group studies between males and females and believe me those study sessions have a lot of useless chatting and other fitnas in it. All the brothers and sisters who go to universities can relate to what I am saying, but still won’t accept the truth that this is not the way of an Islamic country. Yes knowledge is necessary for all muslims but not at this cost, it is the duty of the government to create a parallel and separate system for boys and girls, and the aim of every young muslim should be to strive to create such a system, we youngsters can create havoc if we truly want a separate system but we don’t, remember how we create havoc if their are discrepancies in our results? The fact of the matter is we keep crying that our elders are corrupt in monetary things, while we youngsters are corrupt in the true matters of Haya. And if u don’t have haya than u don’t have nothing, u can raise beards or cover urselfs in 1000 pardas but if u still want to joke around, have useless discussions and have friendships with non mehrams in the name of education, with are always there in co education, don’t tell me they are not. Then you are not fulfilling the matters of Haya all your practices of parda are in vain because there is no true parda, and you are corrupt in this regard. Haya is one of the most crucial matters of Islam. I ask what kind of confidence do u seek? Were the sahabas not confidant who use to follow the true teachings of Islam? or u seek the confidence to flirt and joke around or have friendships with opposite gender to make your life worth something. And then u even justify it, for the love of Allah (SWT) whats wrong with us today. If u have no choice other than to gain co education, then at least consider it bad in your hearts. Akhir me mein kahun ga ke zamana nojawanon se hota hai, wo usko jaise chahein dhaal sakte hain, or zamane se nojawan nai hua karte. Wo kehte hain na “hum se hai zamana, hum zamane se nai” To ye youngsters par hi ata hai ke wo kaisa muashra chahte hain, sai Islamic ya western type ka Islamic jahan pe ajkal Islam ke naam pe west mein gays ko bi masjidon ke imam bana dia jata hai or us ke hak me bi bohot log nikal ate hain. To faisla humko karna hai, hum kaisi society chahte hain, jaisi chaheinge ban jaye gi koi zada mushkil nai, baat sirf chahne ki hai.