circus in pakistan


As the years have passed people's interests have changed,computer and tv cables and are the main reason for this change.Even today circus and festivals are arranged in villages and in towns.People who are keen about all that still go there and watch it! according to them the real entertainment is to go watch the circus live instead of watching it on the tv.First of all lets introduce about the circus.Circus is a show in which animals and human beings perform together and perform such amazing antics that people get amazed and surprised!
Pakistan's oldest and biggest circus is lucky irani circus.Speciality of lucky irani circus is that it is held in almost in every part of Pakistan.It is so famous that its tickets are sold and booked a week before the show actually starts.Every age group is interested to watch the show.Dangerous antics are displayed by the lions.Other than that there are antics like walking on a rope,gymnastic,monkey's antics,antics on bicycle,riding bicycle on the rope etc. All provide great entertainment to the kids.


CircusSo this was introduction to lucky Irani circus.If you watch this circus once, you will get attracted towards it and would want to watch it again and again.


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    my name is moon sir mein circus mein kam krna chahta hoon plz mujhe ap ki help chaheay plz plz plz sir