From the beginning man has been inventing many things like car, telephone, radio, television, computer etc but the invention which has become part and parcel of everyone's life is mobile phone.
A survey reveals that almost everyone in our country, whether rich or poor owns a cell phone. It has become an essential multipurpose toy that everyone wants to own.
In some cases cell phones are considered as a boon while some people consider it a curse for young generation. There are both positive and negative aspects associated with it. Some people consider it as an antisocial invention while others think it is a blessing.
Every now and then we come across many stories of lives being saved due to mobile phones. One can get the help in an emergency by just pressing a button on a cell phone. It is a best communication device through which one can easily communicate with people far away. Due to mobile phone, long distance calls are not much expensive now. It imparts a sense of security and also, it is a means to stay in contact with family, friends and business colleagues. Cellular phones have become an alternative for human activities such as visiting someone, and this not only saves precious time but also saves fuel and other resources. Cell phones are the source of recreation, as we can play games on it and can enjoy music on it too. Some of the phones have facility of camera  due to which we can take pictures of our loved one's on special occasions. We can easily connect with people through a call or a text message.
Latest cellular phones now have computer's features plus easy internet access due to which one can connect with the whole world and do necessary work even when traveling. By using the GPS (Global Positioning System) feature in the phones now we can even find a location if we are lost on the way while traveling.
On the other hand the disadvantages of cellular phones cannot be ignored.
Most importantly it is considered as an 'intruder of privacy'. Corrupt minded people misuse these phones for illegal objectives like morphing of photographs. Students at work during the school day use these phones to cheat. Most of the phones have internet access now, so students can easily look up the answer for the test if teacher is not keeping an eye on them. A new research reveals that 40% of road accidents occur because of using cell phones while driving. It is a small device that isolates the user from others. Recent figures indicate that street crime has risen up to an alarming extent due to muggers stealing cell phones. Frequently ringing mobile phones often cause disruptions and distraction in work when one is trying to finish his important tasks. Often the prank calls are quite irritating and annoying. Studies have also shown that waves emitted from mobiles can cause tumors and cancers.
In Pakistan mobile phones have become a 'must-have fashion accessory'. Youth of Pakistan has become obsessive about this device. They are indulged in an unhealthy phase of perpetual cell phone use.
So, it is concluded that if used reasonably cell phones are a blessing but if misused they can lead to undesired problems and difficulties.

                     “It is what we do with things that make situations good or bad”
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CELL PHONES A CURSE OR A BOON!!, 6.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
  • excess ov everything z bad!!….keeping in view the disadvantages youngsters shud stop excess usage ov cell phz before dey get addicted 2 it ….!!!!