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The Fascinating Hunza Valley, The Scenic Pakistan

Hunza Rakaposhi West The Fascinating Hunza Valley, The Scenic Pakistan

The Hunza Valley  is a  valley in the mountains of  Gilgit–Baltistan areas of Pakistan.  Hunza River is located at  the North towards the valley, it comprises the height of  2,500 meters around (8,200 ft). Aliabad and  Karimabad are  famous tourist point because of the marvellous scenery of the nearby mountains like Rakaposhi, Ultar Sar, , 

Rakaposhi Hunza The Fascinating Hunza Valley, The Scenic Pakistan

Bojahagur Duanasir II, Hunza Peak, Ghenta Peak,Passu Peak, Bublimotin (Ladyfinger Peak), and Diran Peak , all are 
6,000 meters (19,685 ft) or higher.

Hunza Valley from Eagle Point The Fascinating Hunza Valley, The Scenic Pakistan

Hunza was a princely state and it touched the border of China to the north-east and at its north west is Pamir. Its status of state was dissolved by Bhutto in 1974.

Hunza provides the short route to Swat and Gandhara, if a person wants to travel on foot. But one has to take permission from the locals to do so. The temperature in May touches to 27 degree at maximum and on the low side it remains  at 14 centigrade. Tourists often come between May to October, because in winter the Karakoram Road is prone to be blocked  by the snowfall.

Balti fort in hunza The Fascinating Hunza Valley, The Scenic Pakistan

In the present time, the Karakoram Highway crosses the Hunza Valley, and it connects Pakistan to China through the Khunjerab Pass. Bus service operates between Gilgit and Central Hunza and also from Gilgit to Sost Gojal.

Karimabad Hunza The Fascinating Hunza Valley, The Scenic Pakistan

Hunza Valley is one of the most beautiful natural sceneries of the world, it is surrounded by the high peaks of more than 6000 meters height. Famous and stunning mountains like Rakaposhi which is 7788 meters high can be seen in its glory from Hunza Valley, Ultar Sar , Bojahagur Duanasir II, Ghenta Sar, Hunza Peak and Darmyani Peak aerr some of the examples which are more than 6000 feet high and can be seen from the valley.There are ancient Watch towers  in the area of Ganish, Baltit Fort and Altit Fort.

People of Hunza are friendly and hospitable. The languages spoken in Hunza are Burushaski, Wakhi and Shina. Many people also understand Urdu language. The Literacy rate of Hunza valley is believed to be near 90%. This great valley of Pakistan is worth to visit and see to refresh the soul and body.

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Places in Peshawar

Sunehri Masjid Peshawar Places in Peshawar

Peshawar is one of the most important cities of Pakistan from the Strategic and Geographical point of view. It is the capital of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province and it is also the center where all the administrative and economic activities are performed linked with FATA or Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan. Khyber Pass or Darra e Khyber is also a hallmark of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province near the city of Peshawar. The location of Peshawar City linked with Central Asia and South Asia makes it a most actively accessed and visited city of Pakistan. Kabul River irrigates much of the area of the city, The Kabul River's right tributary also irrigates its most part.

Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar Places in Peshawar

It also plays its role as a link for the trade activities between Afghanistan, South Asia, Middle East and the Central Asia. Central Asian states find Peshawar the favorite route for their access to Sub-continent and South Asian countries.
Peshawar's history has been shrouded in mystry as it is historically linked with the empire of Gandhara under the rule of Kushan King Kanishka whose period of rule is after 2 or 3 BC, . It was also ruled by the Greek Bactrian King, Eucratides whose period is from 170-159 BC). So it can safely be called the oldest city of South Asia. One more evidence of this fact is the Archeological site  of Gorkhatri, where excavation work is going on, and it is believed to be the widest and deepest site of the world. It has also been under the rule of Afghan and Moghal rulers for a long time.

Ghorkhatri Archeological Site Peshawar Places in Peshawar

Enough about the history, as a book of thousand pages is also not enough to cover the whole history of Peshawar, we come to the current scenario of the city.  The important places in Peshawar to visit are Mattani, Aviator's Station (where freedom fighters of 1857 were blown up from guns), Durrani Graveyard, Kochi Bazar, Qissa Khwani Bazzar (It is the most mentioned place in the books on Peshawar), Sethi Mohallah, Garhi Qamardin, michni Check Post (It is the last Border Post of Pakistan alongside the border of Afghanistan), Bala Hisar Fort, Burj Hari Singh (a sikh fort constructed by Hari Singh Nalwa).
The Lady reading hospital is a famous place and one of the identities of Peshawar City. There are places linked with Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs and there are Mausoleums of Sufi Saints.

Peshawar Museum Places in Peshawar

There are famous Educational Institutes like, University of Peshawar, Khyber Medical University, Ghandara University etc and many other famous educational institutions. There are parks and gardens like, Wazir Bagh, Ali Mardan Khan gardens, Tatara Park. etc. Peshawar Museum is also a place worth visiting. It will remain an important city in the region due to its strategic location.

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What are not-to-miss spots in Pakistan?

museum of lahore What are not to miss spots in Pakistan?

Northern areas Pakistan ansoo lake What are not to miss spots in Pakistan?
Northern Area

Rohtas Fort What are not to miss spots in Pakistan?
Archaeological Sites

Hadicrafts What are not to miss spots in Pakistan?
Recreational and Leisure Activities ~

Pakistan is a beautiful country with lots of fine buildings and greenery.


After independence we got seven museums which are located in different cities of Pakistan. The progress of museums in Pakistan has been fantastic and they are well maintained as well.

List of museums in Pakistan is as follows:  

·        Bahawalpur Museum, Bahawalpur

·       Chakdara Museum, Chakdara

·       Archaeological Museum, Harappa, Sahiwal

·       Lahore Museum, Lahore

·       Moenjodaro Museum, Larkana

·       Multan Museum, Multan

·       National Museum of Pakistan, Karachi

·       Peshawar Museum, Peshawar

·       Saidu Sharif Museum, Swat

·       Sindh Museum, Hyderabad

·       Taxila Museum, near Rawalpindi

The above picture shows the entrance of Lahore museum.

Northern areas:

Northern area of Pakistan is beautiful with amazing greenery and climate.

And it has rich beauty and culture. Many tourists visit the northern areas and enjoy every moment of it. They are delighted by the wonderful weather and splendid topography. The lakes, mountains, streams and everything is simply miraculous!

Archaeological sites:

There are a lot of Archaeological sites in Pakistan, situated in different parts of the country. Generally the sites have been built up by the mughals. They are strong and have breathtaking architecture. The mesmerizing traditions and attractive surroundings entice innumerable visitors every year. Some of the famous sites are: Lahore fort, badshai masjid, mohenjodaro, harrapa etc.


Recreational and Leisure Activities:

Pakistanis are very fond of having fun and good leisure time so to pass that time there are many activities, people fly kites, ride bikes and swings, go for trekking or camping in northern areas of Pakistan. Women are really fond of shopping and wear beautiful traditional Pakistani clothes with embroidery and stylish cuts.

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