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The Question of Osama’s Death | Osama’s Death and The War on Terror | Video in Urdu (Part 8)

The Question of Osama’s Death | Osama’s Death and The War on Terror
Many Pakistani believe that the news of Osama bin Laden's death has more than anything but brought many inquiries. Questions about what the end of al-Qaeda's leader means to the ongoing war and the Taliban's launch of a new fighting season, and most importantly, it has raised resounding questions about the nature of Pakistan's cooperation in the "war on terror".
The town of Abbotabad, where Bin Laden was killed, is home to Pakistan's military academy. In recent times, military installations in particular have been the target of frequent attacks by insurgents and terrorist groups.
In his reaction to the death, Karzai – and his government – has made sure to stress the proximity of the town to the Pakistani capital, Islamabad. While Karzai spoke of the Pakistani people's suffering due to terrorism, there was nothing in his speech about the Pakistani government. Instead, he used the opportunity to recall his old message that had not received the attention he might have wanted it to.
Some analysts believe that the nature of Osama's killing provides an ample opportunity to shift the focus once again to Pakistan.  It is time that Pakistan's "state-sponsored terrorism", as one analyst put it, is dealt with more decisively.
The death of Osama comes at a time when the Afghan government has intensified its efforts for reconciliation with the Taliban. Some believe that this presents an opportunity for the Taliban to distance themselves from al-Qaeda on the basis that their relationship was with Osama bin Laden and not al-Qaeda's ideology. President Karzai, by virtue of calling on the Taliban a further time in the same speech that he announced the death of Osama, has shown the government's interest in tapping this opportunity. Whether some Taliban will take that up or not, only time will tell. But in the short term, the death of Osama is unlikely to affect the intensity of the war in Afghanistan.
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L’Oréal Paris Exhibition in Karachi | Loreal Paris in Pakistan Video

L’Oreal Paris’s exhibition organized  an event for the women in Pakistan so that they get to know about their skin and how to take care of it.Peng qureshi  skin care specialist was also there cosmetologist and dermatologist were also present. Vj Anushey hosted the show to attract the customers; Sarwat gilani and Aamina sheikh were interviewed.
2nd headline was that Rnb’s lead singer Raju gave an interview on their launch of sond Deewan-e-terey

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People Are Being Displaced By floods in Pakistan | Causes of Floods in Pakistan | The Flood Disaster in Pakistan Picture

pakistan maladies People Are Being Displaced By floods in Pakistan | Causes of Floods in Pakistan | The Flood Disaster in Pakistan Picture

People Are Being Displaced By floods in Pakistan
Floods continue to displace thousands of people from their homes in Pakistan. The survivors still stranded in submerged villages. According to Aphaluck Bhapiasevi, an official of the UN World Health Organization (WHO) in Hyderabad, there are people marooned in villages who are still waiting for help. WHO has been sending medical emergency health kits to areas where the newly displaced have moved.
Camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs) and makeshift settlements are overcrowded and services are inadequate.Of the estimated 20 million people affected by floods, more than 7.3 million are in Sindh, where almost 1.1 million homes are estimated to have been destroyed and close to 1.5 million people are sheltered in camps.
The UN and its partners in Sindh have been able to reach some 1.3 million people with food aid, while emergency shelter has been provided for 500,000 people. Clean drinking water is now available to nearly 500,000 people, and more than one million have received medical attention.
The majority of the flood-hit displaced are crammed into public buildings, including schools and colleges. Among them are thousands of Afghan refugees and displaced Pakistanis who have suddenly lost their homes for the second time.
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