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Dr. Fazeela Abbasi, Dermatologist, Talking About How Often Should You Wash Your Hair

Dr. Fazeela Abbasi, Dermatologist, Talking about how often should you wash your hair. Hair should be regularly washed, especially when the scalp gets too oily, there is too much humidity in the air. This also depends on the lifestyle of the person. Those having an active lifestyle are advised to wash the hair daily, whereas others can even be suited after a day. This is very important because good washing of hair not only makes the hair healthy but it also helps dandruff to disappear. It should be noted that dandruff is the major cause of hair fall. So if this is removed, your hair is bound to become strong and healthy. Another point to be noted is that oiling your hair doesn’t affect it any way or another. This has been proven over medical research and said by greatest hair experts. Massaging oil through hair just helps in the blood circulation of the brain. However, oiling for about 2 hours makes your hair healthy. But putting on oil for too long is harmful for the hair as it blocks the pores in your head. This makes the hair even oilier and promotes further growth of dandruff. This causes more hair fall. People now should be free from the misconception that not talking a bath daily will prevent hair fall. Hair should be regularly washed to promote healthy growth.

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Dr. Nosheeba Salman and Sobia’s video, Hair Loss Treatments In Urdu

Dr. Nosheeba Salman, Aesthetic Dermatologist and Sobia well known

beautician talking about different factors that causes our hair to fall and

become weak and lifeless. Here are some very good tips how to take care

of our hairs.

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Dr. Khurram Mushir Talking About Skin care tips for Young Girls in Urdu


Dr Khurram Mushir talking about skin care tips for Young Girls. For clearer skin, he recommends rubbing gentamicin cream and collagen elastin lotion on your face or cleaning it with an astringent. A cure for pimples and glowing skin is a home made soap made by mixing 100 grams of unscented crushed soap with equal quantities of rose water, glycerin and crushed almond. Then add 10 to 12 drops of clove oil and a few rose petals. Then cook till the water evaporates and clean your body with the mixture. A useful drink to reduce acne is a mixture of luke warm water, a spoonful of honey, seeds of lunga and a hint a Lahori salt.

          Causes for acne include eating oily food such as chips and coke (a popular trend in foreign countries) and food that hasn’t been prepared at home, i.e. food from the market. These also lead to gastric trouble and dark circles. Dark circles are also caused by prolonged hours of watching the television or reading books without breaks. To reduce freckles, have tablets of omega 3 fatty acids: one in the morning and one in the evening, everyday for 2 months. Moreover, eat lots of spinach, radishes and beets.

          For joint pain, you can drink a tea made of warm water mixed with 5 grams of gourd seeds. In addition, you can eat tablets every day that contain calcium, vitamin c and zinc. Milk, milk products and yoghurt also help reduce joint pain.

          People who have pneumonia should drink a lot of chicken broth and soups, intake lots of vitamins and eat porridge and vegetables. Moreover, they should drink water mixed with honey and levigon for vitality. Diabetic patients should avoid flour, flour products and sugar which have a high glycemic index. Instead, they should consume fresh fruits (except watermelon and dates), wheat, all types of meat (especially fish) and bread.

          An easy solution for gastric problems is making a mixture by putting celery in vinegar for 24 hours and then drinking one glass per day of luke warm water blended with 2 tablespoons of this mixture. This is also helpful for weight loss and reducing gas problems and burning sensation caused by urination.

          If your face is losing its colour and becoming dull, you should drink a mug of sugar cane juice daily. Also, make a mixture with half a cup of glycolic acid cream and a pinch of turmeric powder and put this is in the fridge. Then put the mixture on your face every night before you sleep and see the difference within one week. For a darkening chin, apply kenacomb cream and for moles, use novasalic cream.

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