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Choose Institute of Business Management (IoBM) for Graduate Programs

ibm 2 Choose Institute of Business Management (IoBM) for Graduate Programs

Institute of Business Management (IBM) has status of degree awarding institute. It is providing a four year Bachelors in Finance, Banking, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Computer Science, Management information Systems, Financial Mathematics, Statistics, Commerce and Industrial Engineering and Management. Institute is also offering MBA degrees in diverse fields of Management, including Health, Industrial, Telecommunication, Education, Media and Advertisement & Communication. Its graduates are working for leading national and multinational firms and banks.

Specialty of IBM: 

- Preferential access to graduate programs of CBM, CCSIS and CESD.

- Highest quality of academic standards.

- Strong emphasis on personality development.

- Disciplined work environment.

- Career – focused courses.

- Creative, recreational and professionally designed activities and events.


ibm building Choose Institute of Business Management (IoBM) for Graduate Programs

IBM has an excellent faculty that includes:

- Highly-qualified with thorough subject command and strong national reputation.

- Well-experienced.

- Professional, dedicated and committed.

Computer Center:

One of the strengths of the College of Business Management program is the internalization of Information Technology as a component part of the curriculum. Programs proposed by the Institute involve students to obtain hands-on experience on microcomputers and formulate a high level of expertise in this field. IBM provides opportunity to the students to acquire computer-related knowledge required by business managers. The Institute has developed an Information Systems Department (ISD), which provides administrative, networking and technical support to faculty and students. The Computer Center of IBM is well equipped and very advanced information technology centers in Karachi. 


library Choose Institute of Business Management (IoBM) for Graduate Programs

IBM’s four-story library building includes a variety of books, journals, periodicals and reference materials for students to use them as reference material. Library is especially formulated to cater to the needs of students and faculty. 

Student Activity Center:

There is a fully air-conditioned student activity center having a number of excellent facilities for students. It is a place, where students can get a chance to interact not only with their fellows but also with the staff on an informal basis. The Center has innovative indoor games facilities such as billiards, snooker, table tennis, recreational activities like carom, chess, a gymnasium and a bookshop with course books and notes for students.


Institute of Business Management provides various services to students like assist students in making career decisions. An internship of six weeks in a reputable firm is compulsory for all graduating BBA and MBA students to give them exposure to an actual business situation before they start a career.

Guidance Service:

Guidance provided on skills and strategies essential for effective job search, this guidance includes skills and strategies required for letter-writing, resume development, and interview techniques.

Workshops and Seminars:

IBM organizes different Workshops and Seminars, they include job-search strategies, interview practice in videotape sessions and career goal refining through self-assessment and decision-making exercises.

Foreign Languages:

IBM also provides one year of foreign language courses in Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. 


Institute of Business Management (IBM)

Korangi Creek, Karachi-75100, Pakistan

Tel: 021-509-0961

UAN: 021-111-002-004


 Choose Institute of Business Management (IoBM) for Graduate Programs
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Achieve Your Career Goal with Accredited Online Degree

master degree online Achieve Your Career Goal with Accredited Online Degree

Online degree program specifically designed for individuals who cannot quit their jobs for higher studies. On the internet, there are many universities and colleges who have designed different advanced online degree programs for online education seekers. These online courses provide great solution to those students who are doing work and don’t want to quit their job while proceeding further education. Online education saves money, time and offers opportunity to those who may have never had it in the past. You must consider following points before choosing your online degree program and institute.

1.  Choosing the Best Accredited Online Institute

online education Achieve Your Career Goal with Accredited Online Degree

Degree obtained from accredited universities and colleges can provide you recognition no matter you earn it from traditional education system or online education system. On the internet there are many online colleges and universities offering advanced degrees online program but all are not recognized or accredited so you have to choose only accredited online college that is offering degree you actually want.

2.  Evaluate Benefits Offered by College or University

Compare package of different institutes in respect of dues and services. It is not necessary that all institutes provide services you actually want such as counseling, reading material, online access to teachers and fellow members etc. Choose institute that has good reputation in respect of services.

3.  Get Inform Your Employer In Advance about Your Online Degree Program

If you are already working in any organization, let them inform about your prospective institute and degree program you planned to enroll. Employer may reimburse all the expenses you incurred for getting online master degree and some time they may also offer you better position soon after you complete online master degree.

4.  Credit Transfers and Learning Facilities

higher education Achieve Your Career Goal with Accredited Online Degree

Make sure that your selected online institute allows you to transfer your credits from courses you took in previous college, whether traditional or online. It will facilitate you and save your time and money by not repeating courses you learnt before. Evaluate the learning facilities offered by different institutes such as online lectures, access to virtual libraries, online access to different online books and study material.

Once you completely evaluate different facilities and future prospects of your online degree. You will be in a better position to choose online degree course and institute. All those students who never have any experience of online education often surprised by the amount of discipline necessary to stay on task and complete the online assignment. Your motivation level and time management skills can play vital role in your success.

Online Education and Degrees

 Achieve Your Career Goal with Accredited Online Degree
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CBR e-Filing – Taxpayer Facilitation Portal

cbr logo CBR e Filing – Taxpayer Facilitation Portal

eCBR is a comprehensive self-service web portal, developed and managed by Pakistan Revenue Automation Pvt Ltd (PRAL) to provide round the clock (24/7) e-Filing services to the valued taxpayers in Pakistan. During last few decades different categories of taxpayer were facing many difficulties in submitting their tax returns. Now the taxpayers can e-file their Tax Returns and Statements to the Income Tax and Sales Tax departments remotely through internet, and save their precious time for running their businesses in this competitive world. Chartered Accountants and Tax Practitioners can also avail e-filing facility on behalf of their clients. 

tax return CBR e Filing – Taxpayer Facilitation Portal

Today, you don't need to wait at bank counters for submitting tax fomrs and statements, use e-Payment service of eCBR and prepare your tax payments online; then visit the bank to pay or advise the bank to debit directly from your bank account electronically. In near future approved refunds would also be directly credited to the bank accounts electronically.

There is also an e-Notification service of e-CBR that keeps the taxpayers updated through SMS and e-Mail messages regarding declaration acceptance and payments made. For further convenience of the taxpayers, alerts are also initiated by the system to remind about the forthcoming tax events.

If you want to avail new and advance services of CBR, just get enrolled with e-CBR (e-Enrollment Service) and start availing the e-Services by visiting or enjoy a Live Demo.

How e-Filling works

e filing CBR e Filing – Taxpayer Facilitation Portal

Using e-services at eCBR is extremely simple; you just require to have a User-Id and Password through e-enrollment which is an online-registration process. Enrollment is available for following types of users:

  • Corporate Taxpayers
  • Salaried / Business Individuals & AOPs
  • E-Intermediaries (CA, ITP, etc.)
  • Govt. Departments (Non taxpayer entities)

Services offered by CBR

  • e-Filing of Income Tax Returns
  • e-Filing of Income Tax/Withholding Statements
  • e-Filing of Sales Tax Returns
  • e-Filing of Invoice Summary Statements
  • e-Payments
  • e-Notifications & Alerts
  • Online submission of NTN application
  • Online submission of STRN application

Why use e-filling?

tax CBR e Filing – Taxpayer Facilitation Portal

  • e-Filing is mandatory for companies
  • Hassle free Submission
  • Easy revision
  • Auto Tax calculation
  • Online Status Tracking
  • Easy Tax payments
  • Prompt Refunds
  • Save time for your business instead of visiting the tax office
  • No visits required for submission of Returns and obtaining Acknowledgment receipts

Security Features?

  • Working on e-CBR has been secured through 128 bit encryption by using SSL based communication
  • For further security, additional Users can be created for Preparation, Verification & Submission functions
  • Upon special request fixed/static IP based access can also be arranged

Enrollment Requirements

Corporate Taxpayers

- NTN of Company

- Registration / Inc. No.

- NTN/CNIC of One Director

Individual / AOP Taxpayers


- CNIC (CNIC of Partner in case of AOP)

With above information a Company, Individual / AOP would be able to obtain its User-Id/Password after completing the e-Enrollment process.

Government Departments & Non-Taxpayers

- A representative will complete the request for e-Enrollment as Withholding Agent (Non-Taxpayer Entity).

- Head of Accounts/Finance Department and Head of the Organization sign and stamp the e-Enrollment Form on official Letter Head and sends at following address fro issuance of User-ID and Password.


e-Enrollment Officer

PRAL (HQ), 5th Floor,

Evacue Trust Complex, F-5,

Aga Khan Road, Islamabad.

Help Line: 0800-00-227

Tel: 051-111-227-227


 CBR e Filing – Taxpayer Facilitation Portal
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