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Quran The Practical Solution

“Why don't they contemplate the  Quran? Are there locks on their hearts?  (Al-Quran)
Quran Quran The Practical Solution
Quran is being recited only to take the rewards (Sawab). If you claim you have recited complete Holy Quran 100 times that is very good and shows your love for Quran but a simple question is what have you learned from it? What aspects of Quran have you applied to your life, to your family, to your social life etc? ? If you have not the answer to these questions then you are neglecting the real purpose of Quran
How to take guidance from Quran? Quran has not come just to teach us about prayer, Fasting, Hajj, Kalima and Zakat  only. Quran teaches us how to live in a Muslim society, teaches us the rights and duties of a Muslim man and woman, duties and rights of daughters, sisters, brothers, wives, mothers, fathers and of every person on earth. Quran teaches us how to trade with honesty, how to take care of neighbors, how to fulfill the promises. Moreover Quran is not limited to individuals. Quran also teaches how to rule an Islamic state. It gives all the guidelines for running an Islamic State.
Need for Khilafah Quran The Practical Solution
Quran is the only revelation about which Allah says that there is no doubt in it. Quran has been revealed on our dear Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him). Allah also says that had the Quran been descended on a mountain it would have crushed into pieces. It is only the personality of Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) which was chosen for this great responsibility. The purpose of the revelation of Quran was to give the final guidance to the mankind, to surpass all the previous books revealed on different prophets (A.S) in different ages.
islamic wallpaper(1) Quran The Practical Solution
It is the word of Allah. It is so perfect and so unique that no person on this universe has proved it to be written by a human being as it was the practice of the idol worshippers of the Makkah that they often blamed that Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) had written it himself. Allah threw an open challenge through the Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) to them to prove their allegations by writing a single verse like the verses of Quran but in-spite of all their claimed wisdom and help of the prominent writers of that time they could not prove their allegations.
 Quran The Practical Solution
In the last sermon of Hajj tul Wida the Holy Prophet (May Peace be Upon Him) clearly mentioned that as far as the Muslim Ummah would be holding the Quran as a guidance for them, they would not be lost. But we see that after the sad departure of the Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) from this earthly abode and especially after the death of Hazrat Ali (Razi Allah Tala Anha) the decline of Muslims started and this decline completed with the fall of Othman Empire in 1924.
Let the Quran be a Torch of Light in the darkness of Ignorance and pray to Allah that we pass our lives according to the guidance given in the Quran and succeed in the life and hereafter. (Amen).
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Pakistani Village Life Urdu Essay

Breathing in a air which is free of contamination and pollution is a dream which every person living in a crowded city sees throughout his life. This dream comes true whenever one avails a chance to visit a village away from all the noise, pollution and hustle and bustle of the cities.
Pakistani villages have their own charm, there was a time when people did not even have the electricity and water connections in the villages but they lived happily. Lush green fields, pure food and mind it (pure milk) are the main characteristics which you can not avail in the cities in your whole life time. Every person knows the other. People share in their sorrows and joys. Whenever a stranger enters the village the whole population comes to know it within no time. Today even the hospitals and public schools are being built near the villages so that the trend of urbanization could be minimized and people of villages could get the facilities not very far from their houses.
Life goes at a slow pace and one enjoys the natural scenes and natural foods and what not?
I shall never miss an opportunity to visit my village.

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Khush Rehna Sekhein

learn to live happy Khush Rehna Sekhein

do not worry be happy Khush Rehna Sekhein

learn to live happy in urdu Khush Rehna Sekhein

learn to live happy life Khush Rehna Sekhein

Happiness lies in small things. You dont have to be a millionaire to be happy. The happiness which you get after seeing your family, your kids, by passing time with them, by serving your parents and putting smile on their faces is the real happiness. Never attach your happiness with an event which is to occur in distant future like you say that you will be very happy when you get your money from a financial scheme or when you will get a certain achievement in coming days. Happy is around you everywhere only you have to recognize it and lean towards it When you help a poor and see the smile on his face, that moment is the most memorable moment of your life.
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