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Weird Animals alive on Planet Earth

Allah created this universe and made it beautiful with different species including humans. So far, with the help of science, the man has discovered enormous secrets of planet earth. But still there were a lot of things that were hidden from the naked eyes so the man used technology and found out about many species of animals that nobody has seen.

A wide range of species of flora and fauna are found on Earth, most of which aren’t even known to us, either due to their habitat or their way of living. Here is a list of the Top 10 most wonderfully weird animals on the planet earth.


tarsier71 Weird Animals alive on Planet Earth

Tarsiers are mostly found in Southeast Asia islands. These are little apes who mostly live in Borneo too. Physically they are 4-6 inches tall and their eyes are each the size of their brains. What makes these primates so rare is the fact that they were completely carnivorous-they eat bugs, birds, lizards, snakes and bats.

Giant Salamander

chinese giant salamander Weird Animals alive on Planet Earth

Salamanders are small creatures which are amphibians capable of living both on land and in water. But the Giant Salamander is the largest amphibian known today as it can grow up to 6 feet long. They are usually found in ponds and brooks of China, Japan and USA.

Bumblebee Bat

bumblebee bat Weird Animals alive on Planet Earth

Bumblebee Bats are tiny creatures and alongside Etruscan pygmy shrew, they are in a competition to be claimed the world’s smallest mammal. Physically they are about 29 to 33 mm long in size. Unfortunately, they are surviving from the fear of distinction from the face of the earth. Bumblebee bats are now considered as one of the 12 most endangered species on the planet. It can be found in western Thailand and southeast Burma.

Leafy Sea Dragon

Leafy Sea Dragon 003 Weird Animals alive on Planet Earth

This animal got its name from both its appearance as well Chinese mythology. It gives the illusion of floating seaweed with long leaf-like extensions all over the body. Their body and fur are not for thrusting itself through the water but only as a means of camouflage. The Leafy Sea Dragon pushes itself by means of a pectoral fin on the edge of its neck and a dorsal fin on its back closer to the tail end.

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For almost every couple the married life in start seems to be awesome, both the partners feel contented and blessed but as the time passes and they both get to know each other more precisely, the early happy moments seem to be replaced by the arguments and quarrels. When the conflicts between the couple become intolerable they decide to go for a divorce.

"If you fear that the both (wife and husband) may not be adept to be confined to the limits ordered by Allah The Almighty, there is no condemnation to any of them if she defrays herself (from marriage bond)" (Surah Al Baqarah)
In Pakistan the divorce ratio has gone up to an alarming extent from last decade. As Pakistan is a conventional country so the word "divorce" is considered as the symbol of shame and humiliation. Previously many women who were not satisfied with their married life would not opt for divorce because of the social pressure of the society and the lack of their family support. The first thing the parents used to say when their daughter was getting married 'you have to compromise in every condition'
The girls were hesitant to go for divorce because of the 'label' attached to it but with the passage of time things are not the same anymore. Women are acquiring higher education and becoming financially independent and not the scapegoat of men anymore. The working women are less willing to compromise on worst marital relationship as they are financially independent. Though Pakistan is a male dominating society but nowadays women are fully aware of their rights and they donot condone the dominance of men anymore. Change in social setup has played a major role in changing people's mentality about female empowerment. The increase in divorce rate in our country is majorly due to the factors like financial independence of women, lack of compromise and tolerance from both sides and egotistical attitude. Money worries, recession and unemployment are also leading to family breakdowns. Statistics shows that the number of couples getting divorced has increased by 4.9% from the year 2010 to 2011.
Although there has been a considerable rise in divorce rate in our country but the question arises that what can be done about this. The consequences of divorce are bad enough but according to some people it’s better to go for a divorce rather than staying in an awful marital relationship. Studies reveal that divorce has a lasting impact on one's physical and mental health. Early and forced marriages is one of the cause of married life destruction, it should be ceased as our religion too give the liberty to choose our life partners. Marriage is an important decision of one's life and it should not be made in a hurry. Class difference needs to be discussed here because it causes problem in the long run.
Therefore, it is suggested that one should marry the person similar to his class in order to avoid future conflicts. Sometimes joint family setup is the cause of divorce as there is very less privacy there and too much interference of the third party creates problems for the couple. So if the couple can afford they should live separately to avoid further arguments and fights. In some cases career oriented women don't take their family life seriously and fails to fulfill their responsibilities properly and in some cases men too have the same issues, so time and attention should be given by both the partners in order to save their marriage.
Marriage is a consent signed by both sides so both the partners are responsible to make it work out for them. Sacrifice and compromise for each other is a key to a successful marriage. Hence it is concluded that mutual tolerance, compromise, patience, sacrifice can make married life easier and prevent it from destruction.
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Rozmara Zindagi mein Ahtyat kesay ki jaye

drive mobile study Rozmara Zindagi mein Ahtyat kesay ki jaye



rozmarra zindagi mein ahtyat kesay ki jaye Rozmara Zindagi mein Ahtyat kesay ki jaye



Pakistan Girl crossing road Rozmara Zindagi mein Ahtyat kesay ki jaye

rozmarra zindagi.mein ahtyat kesay ki jaye02 Rozmara Zindagi mein Ahtyat kesay ki jaye




Tips on Road Safety
Road safety can be achieved and is a result of contributing efforts from all the sectors of the society including both civilians and Govt. officials. In addition to the human sufferings, the estimated costs of the road injuries are a noticeable amount in GNP per annum. So, some tips can be fruitful in this direction.
Don't use your mobile phone whilst driving, belt up in the back, don't drink and drive, always adhere to speed limits, take special care about children, senior citizens and pedestrians, don't drive if tired, pedestrians should walk cautiously, always observe and anticipate other road users, keep your distances, always wear helmets and seat belts, if your vehicle is unroadworthy leave it at home and choose a safe taxi, not the fastest one.
Prepare and plan your trip to include rest breaks and stopping times. Allow regular rest breaks – stop after every two (2) hours of travel or 200 km in order to stretch and get the blood circulating.
Accidents are not the only cause of death on the road – so is road rage. Be patient, considerate and courteous. Respect one another and preserve the GIFT OF LIFE, do not react to provocation by other drivers nor attempt to provoke them, do not flash your lights or use your horn in order to pass other vehicles, While travelling and motorists must maintain at least a three second following distance.
Tyres are very important and should be inspected for wear and tear and correct air pressure. There must be sufficient tread on tyres for them to operate effectively. Wheel balancing and alignment should also be checked regularly, windscreen wipers should be effective and in good working order.
The windscreen washer container should be filled to clear the windscreen of bugs and road debris. Windscreen cracks and/or blemishes should be repaired as worn shock absorbers have a detrimental effect on a vehicle’s handling. Have shock absorbers checked before a long journey, brakes should be thoroughly inspected, lights and headlamps should be in good working order and be properly adjusted, Mirrors should be properly adjusted, brakes and indicator signals should be in good working order.

overhead bridge Pakistan Rozmara Zindagi mein Ahtyat kesay ki jaye

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