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WomenEmpowerment 1 WOMEN EMPOWERMENT
Women empowerment refers generally to the augmentation of freedom of choice, their right to have access to opportunities and resources, their right to have freedom to control their own lives and their right to make decisions. In Pakistan females are almost 52 percent of the total population and with their active participation Pakistan can become a healthier, better educated, more peaceful, more prosperous and developed country. Gender equality and women’s empowerment are vital tools to achieve the required level of growth rate and developmental goals.
WomenEmpowerment 5 WOMEN EMPOWERMENT
In Pakistan the situation is changing rapidly, women are acquiring higher education and working in all fields and becoming empowered.  Although we are living in a male dominating society but still the typical trend for women are changing with time. Women has made the place in all walks of life and now most of them are allowed to work, study and enjoy their rights but still many things have to be done and should be improved on urgent basis. In Pakistan women are facing problems in every aspects of life and are working hard for empowering themselves. Women are the future mothers and when they will be educated, confident and strong in return our nation will be educated and empowered.
WomenEmpowerment 2 WOMEN EMPOWERMENT
Although Separate Ministry for women development have been established which is working for providing ease and basic necessities to women but a lot more work and effort is required for improving the condition of women in Pakistan. There is crucial need to upgrade the status of woman in our society and it is only possible if she is given the rights of education, worship, freedom of opinion, freedom of making decision and economic freedom.
WomenEmpowerment 4 WOMEN EMPOWERMENT
Few people have misconception that women freedom and empowerment is not necessary and is foreign countries agenda but their thinking is false. Women have been facing problems of gender inequalities all over the world. Quran and the Hadith also emphasize on the protection of legal and mental rights of women.
WomenEmpowerment 3 WOMEN EMPOWERMENT
In short woman of our country need support of her family and close relations in order to contribute their share in the progress and sustainable development of our society.
“No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with you; we are victims of evil customs. It is a crime against humanity that our women are shut up within the four walls of houses as prisoners” (Muhammad Ali Jinnah, 1944)

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honor killing 1 STOP! HONOR KILLINGS
Honor killing is an act of reprisal, mostly murder, committed by male member of the family against female family members, who has been perceived to have brought disrespect to her family. Such killings are typically committed by victim's family members, relatives and/or community.
honor killing 2 STOP! HONOR KILLINGS
Mostly women are the victims of honor-killing but it has been extended to men too. There are variety of reasons which trigger honor killings and these include; refusal to an arrange marriage, desire to marry by own choice, bold acts unacceptable to family and community, women inquiring a divorce, being the victim of forced sexual abuse etc. Data reveals that in our country 6000 women have been murdered on the name of prestige and most of them belong to Sindh and Baluchistan. We mostly come across the news of Karoo Kari and many lives are wasted for so called honor. In some areas and communities such killings are considered as private matter of the family and there is no law for controlling this crime.
honor killing 4 STOP! HONOR KILLINGS
In interior parts of Sindh honor killing is being considered as their part of culture. Men consider women as their property and woman has no right to choose her life partner and if she does so she is declared as Kari. They have given the name to this cruel act as their 'Rivayat'. Wadaira system has contributed a lot in this aspect as no one can raise voice against this injustice due to strong hold of these Wadairas. Lower literacy rate in the rural areas of Pakistan is one of the major contributing factors and also wild ego of males has strong association with such killings.
honor killing 3 STOP! HONOR KILLINGS
Honor killing, an act of brutality and violence cannot be eradicated from our society unless and until government takes action. Wadaira and landlords are the ones sitting in the parliaments and ruling the government, in such situation how we can expect any change in Pakistani society? NGO's, Human Rights activists and Media is the only hope. They should step forward and force the government to take effectual steps to abate Wadaira hold from interior parts of Pakistan and should conduct awareness campaigns to aware the people about the repercussions of such murders. Increase in literacy rate will also open the minds of people and they will realize the rights of women and will start treating them as humans. If effective steps are not taken to control this practice it will keep on engulfing the precious lives of women.
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Marriage is a gamble. It all depends on the couple that how well they play the game. How well the couple manages to sail through the initial obstacles of marriage life, how much adjustments and sacrifices are they ready to make will decide the durability of the marriage.
In any marriage two individuals from altered backgrounds, mental makeup, personality attributes, with two different identities tie a bond so the conflicts and clashes of ideas, customs and visions is bound to be there but the determination of both partners to see the marriage work against all odds is important.
In a love marriage we choose a life partner of our own choice whereas in arrange marriage our parents search for an appropriate partner keeping in mind the societal rules regarding cast, family background, tenets and financial and social status of the family.
In the current scenario the youngsters of our society are up for love marriages rather than going for arrange marriages. The trends of our society have changed a lot from last few years. Youngsters of today believe that understanding between the couple before marriage is essential. They think that they should meet a couple of times before marriage in order to get to know each other. In a love marriage the couple meets for limited period of time and tries to delineate their best traits to each other. According to me couples, who say that they want to meet to know each other before marriage are mistaken and living in a fool’s paradise because I don't think one can come to know everything about the other person in short meetings, or over phone conversations or mails. How can anyone claim to know the other person unless and until he/she lives with that person? How one reacts in sardonic situation, how one behaves at different hours of the day etc cannot be understood in meetings when both the partners try their level best to show only their perfect traits.
The enduring base for marriage is the understanding that might not be produced promptly in arranged or love marriages but by knowing slowly about their partner.
Recent survey reveals that love marriages have more divorces than arranged marriages. I don't mean to say that one should only go for an arrange marriage and love marriage always fails, my point is; it does not matter whether it is love or arrange marriage, what matters is the commitment the two partners show in building up the relationship. Marriage is all about assimilating I of both the partners into a common WE.
It is said that everything has its pros and cons. Similarly for love marriage the problems mostly seen are caste issue, financial status and many others, whereas in arrange marriage dowry problem and status problem are common.
Love Marriage vs  Arranged Marriage LOVE MARRIAGE VS ARRANGE MARRIAGE
Actual life starts after marriage and responsibilities lie on both the partners to make the marriage work. In most of the cases love before marriage is not actual love but infatuation and attraction and when both the persons realize this after marriage, they start blaming each other. I have nothing against choice marriages but I think the decisions our wise and mature parents make and the partners they choose for us are much more appropriate. But also, no marriage is guaranteed to be successful unless the couple involved put in equal efforts and zeal to maintain the relationship. Whether it is arranged or chosen, mutual respect, trust, letting go, forgiving and understanding is all what matters. Love may overrule all the hurdles only when the couple is motivated to make the relationship work.
“All the fun starts after marriage; you learn to adjust and make sacrifices and compromises where ever elementary and try your level best to make the marriage work”
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