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Match Fixing scandal Pakistani Cricket News

Unfortunately, match fixing scandal has always affected the scope of cricket in Pakistan. In the past, it was assumes that some of Pakistan’s star players had been involved in match fixing, however, there is not any solid evidence available to prove them guilty. Recently, Pakistan’s Pakistani trio, Mohammad Amir, Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif found guilty in spot fixing during Lord’s Test match against England in 2010, which led Pakistani nation to consider that cricketers play only for the money.

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Sohail Tanvir 1st wife and Daughter

Pakistani cricketers have always been involved in unpleasant controversies off the field, which allows media to highlight the players’ personal life.

The left-arm fast bowler, Sohail Tanvir, who recently got married, is also facing a controversy, as one woman, Nosheen claimed that she is cricketer’s 1st wife.

Meanwhile, Nosheen also revealed that she has a one month daughter by Tanvir. Whereas, the 27-year pacer asserted that he divorced Nosheen, therefore, he got married with someone else.

The way the lady claimed shocked the cricket fans. Let’s see what truth is.

Considering the fact that generally Pakistan cricketers have always been found guilty, the one can say that there is something, which Tanvir is trying to hide.

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Shahid Afridi Back In International Cricket

Pakistan’s former captain, Shahid Afridi, who announced retirement from international cricket following rifts with Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) former chairman, Ijaz Butt, is likely make comeback.
Reportedly, the star all-rounder, who has always been tremendous with his performance on the field, has decided to resume his international career after Butt’s tenure.
Earlier, he refused to play under the former chairman, claiming that he was treated disrespectfully.
Meanwhile, the dashing batsman has always been saying that he is ready to represent the national side provided healthy environment.
Now after the retirement of Butt, Afridi has started trying to find his way to back in international cricket.
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