Bund Sink | Gharelu Totkay in Urdu

Gharelu Totkay in Urdu

Gharelu Totkay in Urdu

It is often noted that when we wash the utensils in kitchen, the sink gets clogged, and then people put thin wooden wires in the holes to open it. What actually happens is that while washing the vegetables, meat and oily utensils small pieces of it get into the holes, tubes and make it crammed.

Its easy tip is that take the sodas which is used to wash clothes and is very cheap and put it on the tubes/holes and then boil water in kettle and pour over it. In this everything related would get clean and while washing utensils nothing would get blocked.
Another useful tip for this is put one cup vinegar in the tube/hole and then put hot water in it. Vinegar is expensive than soda, so why not use something reasonably priced for the purpose!!!! Always put ½ kilo or little amount of soda in homes.
Lot of tips involve soda and is very economical




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