Breast Milk a Nature’s gift for the babies and breastfeeding for the Mothers


Since ages we have been hearing that breast feeding is a nature's gift for the child ad also important for the health of a mother and breast milk is the best for the infant and this phenomena has been proved by the Quran as well centuries before Science could have been able to discover this fact. Breast milk is full of essential vitamins and nutrients. There are several reasons to believe that why you should breastfeed your child.

Health benefit of breastfeeding # 1:

Nature has specially designed the Breast milk for human infants and contains maximum fluidity and is compulsory for an infant.

Health benefit of breastfeeding # 2:

Breast milk is  superior to any alternative form of milk as far as nutrition is concerned. The proteins included in breast milk can easily be digested by the infant. It is very rich in amino acid tryptophan, which is the vital part of serotonin, which is responsible as a neurotransmitter.

Health benefit of breastfeeding # 3:

Breast milk contains necessary fatty acids and poly unsaturated acids which do their role in promoting growth and solving the problem of dyslexia and hyperactivity.

Health benefit of breastfeeding # 4:

Breast milk contains phospholipids and prostaglandin precursors. Both these ingredients play their part to build a strong immune system and keep child away from diseases.

Health benefit of breastfeeding # 5:

Breastfeeding is vital for growth, as breast milk has growth regulating factors, growth developing factors and growth modulators.

Health benefits of breastfeeding # 6:

Breast milk is free from bacteria and always fresh. so, it is the only safe drinking nutrient for a newborn baby.

Health benefit of breastfeeding # 7:

It provides immunity to viral and bacterial diseases, hence helps your child fight different infections.

Health benefit of breastfeeding # 8:

It invokes the baby's own immunologic defenses.

Health benefit of breastfeeding # 9:

Breastfeeding lowers the risk of respiratory and diarrheal ailments.

Health benefit of breastfeeding # 10:

Breastfeeding enables child to fight against almost all types of allergies.

Health benefit of breastfeeding # 11:

Breastfeeding plays its role in correct development of jaws, gums and teeth and speech patterns.

Health benefit of breastfeeding # 12:

Breastfeeding eliminates the tendency of childhood obesity and other risks related to obesity.

Health benefit of breastfeeding # 13:

Breastfeeding promotes the natural and frequent tender physical relationship of child  with the mother.

Health benefit of breastfeeding # 14:

It is inexpensive or free source of nutrition for the child.

Health benefit of breastfeeding # 15:

Lastly and the most Important of all is that it has been ordained by Holy Quran to mothers to feed the child with breast milk for 2 and a half years.

So in order to prevent diseases and keep the new born infants and reduce the risk of childhood mortality rate we should promote breastfeeding and discourage canned milk except intense need of emergency





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