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Best Face Makeup For Daily Routine. Sobia beauty segment a morning with farah. Some people give a very complete look with just basic cosmetics like gloss, mascara etc while some are fonder of makeup so the makeup routine varies from person to person. For a quite formal look, wash your face first, apply toner and then moisturize your face.  If the skin flickers, apply any fixer that suits you before doing the makeup to level the skin. Apply primer base too for a glossy and shiny finish. If one wants a fine smooth look then one can use liquid foundation and the people who need a heavy look of base to cover pigmentation, dark circles or acne marks then use a heavy base or stroke cream. In this video, a thin layer of eye liner is applied and is then blended slightly with a browner tone because some people do not prefer blackish smoky look so you can add colors according to the outfit. For blending of the color on eye, you can use quality brushes according to your ease. On the lower lid brown color is applied. Either the eyes are small or large; comfort level of the person varies some people like dark lines around the eye so it depends on personal choice.  No matter how much dark lines you apply, proper blending is necessary to give an even look. Apply two heavy coats of mascara if you are not using artificial eye lashes. Color of the highlighter should also go with the outfit. If the face is bulgy or longish, give pointed strokes during contouring of face or applying blush on do not give roundish strokes.  Pointed stroke on the side of nose is applies to make the nose look pointed.  Balancing of the lips is essential which may be done with lip pencil or a brush and then fill the lips with the lip color or gloss of choice to give a perfect look.

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  • i really hate what you've done to her face
    she looks awful