Beauty tips About Body Skin Care | Acne Treatment By Dr Khurram Mushir Urdu Video

Beauty tips About Body Skin Care | Acne Treatment By Dr Khurram Mushir Urdu Video. You need equal quantities of gentamicin and collagen lotion mixed together, for an excellent facial massage or you should do cleansing of your face with aqua colored astringent.  You may also prepare a kind of soap at your home for which you need 100 grams of crushed, un-scented soap, equal quantities of rose water, glycerin and crushed almonds, ten to twelve drops of corn oil, one tbsp of lecithin powder and rose petals. Cook all the ingredients well.  When all the water contents are evaporated giving it a paste like form, wash your hands and face with it, you will clearly observe a positive change in your complexion. For the cure of acne problem, it is very effective to drink a glass of warm water in the morning with a tbsp of honey, slips Malaga and a pinch of lahori salt. Reduce the quantities of sugar and salt if you are a diabetic or heart patient. The main causes of acne are dust, gastric trouble, large in take of oily food while that of dark circles is again gastric trouble, stress and prolonged reading or television activity.  If you are having sleep disorder (insomnia) take a warm glass of milk with a pinch of turmeric powder added in it before sleeping. For cure of insomnia or depression, take 5 grams of poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds and an herb called kahu, make tea of these ingredients or take them with water.  Pneumonia patients should be given chicken starch and diet rich with lysine vitamin. Also a cup of warm water with honey added in it (levigon) daily.  Such patients should consume large quantities of tapioca porridge, fruits and vegetables. Diabetic patient should avoid white flour and add red flour when making chapatti, lessen the in- take of sugar, and use fresh fruits instead.  It should be kept in mind that water melon and dates are not very good for diabetic patients, being rich in sugar level, all other fruits can be consumed by these patients in moderate quantity. Meat can be eaten by these patients, avoiding fats. For gastric and urine trouble and reduction in weight , take one tbsp of carom seeds and soak them in an appropriate quantity of vinegar for 24 hours. Add 2 tbsp of this mixture in warm water. If one has a dull complexion, take half cup of sugar cane juice and add glycolic acid cream in it and refrigerate. Massage every night, effect will be clearly visible in a week. For bone aching problem, take tablet of vitamin and zinc dissolved in water daily, plus dissolve one and a half tbsp of eatable lime in a standard size bottle. After every meal, use poppy seeds and use dairy products frequently. For  freckles on face, take 20 grams of khustay yousaf, equal quantity of crushed plum seeds, multani mitti and 40 grams of 2 percent hydro quinine, massage every night and take omega 3 fatty acid tablet twice a day till two months.

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