Ansar Burney, The most Prominent Human Rights Activist in Pakistan

Ansar Burney born on 14 August 1956 is the leading  human rights and civil rights activist in Pakistan. He has graduated and a Masters in  Law from Karachi University and also an honorary recipient of a PhD. in Philosophy. He is known as the first person to introduce the concept of human rights in Pakistan almost 30 years ago. He is a born activist and a social leader as he led the youth of People's Students Federation in 1970's and raised his voice against injustice, for civil and human rights and for human dignity. He was arrested three consecutive times for raising voice against martial law and in favor of democracy.

Pakistan Pirates
During his sentence he noticed the miserable condition of the prisoners. He also met many prisoners serving their sentence for last 40 years without being presented in a court. After being released from the prison he set up the "Prisoners Aid Society" and "Bureau of Missing and Kidnapped Children" in Karachi in 1980 and ultimately he founded the famous Ansar Burney Trust International having now offices in Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad, Mirpur, Quetta, London and Washington D.C.
ansar-burneyAnsar Burney Trust is an NGO having no concerns with political bias and profit hunting. Initially it worked for prisoners' betterment, prison reforms and to raise the standards of mental asylums and also to find the missing and kidnapped children but now it is covering all aspects of human rights issues and also working against human smuggling or human trafficking.

Ansar Burney also remained as caretaker Federal Minister of Human Rights starting his tenure from 16th November, 2007.

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He got released hundreds of innocent persons from jails throughout Pakistan, many of them under 7 years of age. Ansar Burney was elected for a period of three years as a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council Advisory Committee. He was considered an expert and an impartial worker in the field of Human Rights that's why he received great support from all regional groups of the council.


ansar burney trust

Ansar Burney got released from Jails many prisoners who were serving their terms without any charges for last many decades. He is also known to agitate for converting death sentence to life imprisonment of many prisoners who have been sentenced on wrong or false testimonies and in-fact they are innocent.

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He is also credited with many cases of human rights like Child Camel Jockey case, Murder and framing of 7 immigrants in Macedonia, Release of 10 Pakistani Taekwondo Players falsely accused of terrorism, release of 22 hostages from Somali Sea Pirates etc.


He is still working hard for the cause of Human rights and is respected widely in social and civil circles.

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