Ali Nawazish Fascinates the world with Exceptional Record of A-Levels


Ali Moeen Nawazish, who was just  18 years old when he  shattered the world record by clearing 23 A-Levels in only one year with 21As. This achievement got him a place at Cambridge, which realized his dreams and ambitions passions.
Ali Nawazish used to study at Roots High School, Rawalpindi, but now he is studying computer science at Trinity Hall College, Cambridge.
The 18-year-old shinning star of Pakistan passed 22 exams, plus two AS-levels — equaling to one more A-level — to get him a place at Cambridge University.
Ali, has always had a “thirst for knowledge”, and for this purpose he studied for almost ten hours a day. Yet surprisingly he still did find time play the guitar. He was chairman of  his music club and also used to  edit the school newspaper. He also attended a leadership conference at Harvard University of US.

Ali also scored A grades in mathematics exams, physics, biology, psychology, computing, and English language.
According to him he did not find his studies very stressful rather he enjoyed it. He found Psychology as a tricky subject so he had to face problem in handling it.
He started studying three days before the start of exams and he had to work very hard then.

He also achieved a “B” in chemistry and a C in general Math. Ali, who speaks English, Punjabi and Urdu, appeared in  the UK affiliated exams at Roots International College in Rawalpindi.
Now he is studying Computer Science at Trinity Hall.  . Ali, whose parents and sister belong to medical profession, has said that he loved the degree program in which he is studying now. But he wanted to study medicine and become a doctor.
Dr Nick Bampos after interviewing Ali said that he has not seen any candidate close to Ali Moeen Nawazish in the matter of getting so many A-Levels.





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